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Eyelids are composed of what?
The three eyelid functions include?
1. Distribute tears over the surface of the eye.
2.Limit the light entering
3.protect from foreign bodies
Conjunctiva is?
A thin membrane covering most of the anterior eye and tie inner surface of the eyelid in contact with the globe. (Protects the eye from foreign bodies and drying out.)
Lacrimal gland isLocat?
located in the lateral superior eyelid produces tears that moisten the eyes. Tears drain from lacrimal sac in the nasal cavity.
External eyes consist of what three parts?
3.lacrimal gland
The outer fibrous layer os the internal eye is made up of the?
Sclera posteriorly and cornea anteriorly.
The middle coat of choroid is made up of the internal eye is made up of?
Choroid posteriorly and the cilliary body and iris anteriorly
Iris is?
the inner coat of the internal eye that is a circular muscle that gives eyes their color. Controls the amound of light going through the pupil by dilating and contracting.
Appears the white of the eye and forms the structural support of the eye?
located right behind the iris and is transparent crystal that is very elastic. Allows images from varying distances to by focused on the retina.
Cornea is what?
A continuation of the sclera can sense pain and seperates the aqueous humor of the anterior chamber from the external environment and transmits lgiht through the lens to the retina.
THe sensory nerve network of th eye- changing light impulses to electribal impulses, which are sent via the optic nerve to the brain.
Snellen chart test what?
Visual acuity
Ptosis is present wht the upper eyelid droops over?
When shining light obliquely into each eye look for?
Direct Reaction and the consensual reaction
the involuntary rhytmic rapid movment of the eye when testing the extra ocular eye muscles
The most common inflammation of the eyelids caused by seborrhea or bacteris (staph infections)
Blepharitis (burning, itching and redness of eyelid)
AN acute lesion of at the eyelid usually in the sebaceous glands caused by a staph infection.
Hordeolum (sty) painful
Chalazion is?
Is a sty becomes chronic... a hard not tender swelling of the eyelid possibly proceeded by a sty. (sysitc swelling of the eyelid.)
An inflammation of the conjunctiva, a muscous membrane that lines the inner portions of the eyelids and overing the anterior surface of the eyeball, may be due to bacteria, viral or alleric causes.