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What country is the oldest continously functioning democracy in the world?
The United States
The United States constitution was ratified in what year?
How many times has the United States Constitution been amended since it was first ratified in 1788?
27 Times
What were the first 10 Amendements to the United States Constitution called?
The Bill of Rights
When was the Bill of Rights approved?
Is amendeding the Constitution an easy procedure.
No, it is an exceptionally difficult procedure.
Where is the procedure spelled out for electing the President of the United States.
Article II.
Each state is entitled to a number of....
electors equal state's representation in Congress (Senate + House)
How many senators and representatives does each state have?
Two Senators and at least one Representative.
What is the minimum number of electors a state can have?
What state has the largest number of electors and how many?
California, has 55 electors.
Where and when do the electors meet each election year to cast their votes for president and vice president?
The electors meet in December of each election year.
The state electors all together are called what?
The Electoral College.
Does the Electoral College actually elect the president and vice president?
What happens if no candidate gets a majority of the electoral vote?
The House of Representatives elects the president, each state having one vote.
In what years did the House of Representatives elect the president?
In 1800 and again in 1824.
Is each state free to choose its electors as it wishes?
What was the occupations of most of the American citizens in the 18th Century?
Most people were farmers.
Did the farmers in America know much about politics?
No. America was largely rural and most people were farmers who knew little about politics.
How were electors chosen in the 18th century?
Electors were chosen due to their wisdom and knowledge of politics, not due to their preference for any particular candidate.
Does the process of choosing and elector vary from state to state.
Yes. Each state determines how its electors.
In states with primary elections, does each presidential candidate ususally designate a slate of electors who then appear on the November ballot?
Yes. The voters are actually voting for electors.
How do the caucus states choose their electors?
They are chosen at the state caucus.
Are electors actual human beings, with houses, children, jobs, and very occasionally, thier own opinions?
What happens in most states to the slate of electors that gets the most votes?
They win and get to travel to the state capitol in December to vote for president and vice president.
In the bitterly contested election in Florida in 2000, how many votes did George Bush win by out of over six million voters?
537, 25 got Florida's electoral votes.
How did George Bush become president in the 2000 election?
By winning the electoral vote, but not the popular vote.
What are the key issues in the 2004 election?
War in Iraq
Homeland Security
the Economy
Social Security
Women's Rights
National Defense
Gas Supply
Global Trade