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Term for making ruthless and unfair charges against opponents, such as those leveld by a red-hunting Wisconsin senator in the 1950s.
Senator McCarthy
Brown Vs. The Board of Education
Supreme Court ruling that overturned the old Plessy vs. Ferguson principle that black public facilities could be "seperate but equal"
An Asian alliance, set up by Secretary Dulles on the model of NATO, to help support the anticommunist regime in South Vietnam
Sputnik I
A soviet scientific achievement that set off a wave of American concern about Soviet superiority in sciences and education
Major international corporation that symbolized the early computer and "information age"
U2 Incident
High flying American spy plane, whose downing in 1960 destroyed a summit and heightened Cold War tensions
Latin American country where a 1959 communist revolution ousted a US backed dictator
The Feminine Mystique
Betty Friedan's 1963 book that launched a revolution against the suberban "cult of domesticity" that reigned in the 1950s.
Dwight G Eisenhower
the soldier who kept the nation at peace for most of his two terms and ended up warning American about the "military-industrial complex"
Joseph R McCarthy
Reckless and power-hungry demagogue who intimidated even president Eisenhower before his bubble burst
Earl Warren
controversial jurist who lead the Supreme Court into previously off-limits social and racial issues
Martin Luther King Jr
Black minister whose 1955 Montegomery bus boycott made him the leader of the civil rights movement
Ho Chi Minh
A Vietnamese nationalist and communist whoe defeat of the French led to calls for American military intervention in Vietnam