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How did the Native Floridian Indians use the mounds they built?
Native Floridian Indians used mounds:

... to bury their dead,

... as a place to build a house for their leader,and

... as a place to build temples or religious buildings.
What is trade?
Trade is:


or buying and selling goods.
From what materials were mounds made?
Mounds were made from sand and earth.
What is agriculture?
Agriculture is farming; the planting of seeds to grow food.
What does it mean to "barter"?
To barter is to trade one kind of good for another kind of good without using money.
What is a Dugout?
A dugout is a boat made from a large hollowed-out log.

Dugouts were used to travel and search for new places to fish and hunt.
Why did agriculture occur?
Agriculture occurred out of need. When people began to stay longer in the same places they needed a source of food.

Cause: Staying longer in the same places and needing food.
Effect: Agriculture.
" Changing Ways of Life "
Chapter 2 - Lesson 2
pp. 94 - 98
When were mounds built by Native Florida Indians?
Mounds were built about 3,000 years ago in Florida.
What is a culture?
A "culture" is different ways of living.

Culture is a peoples beliefs, speech,
behavior, and dress.
Why did Native Floridian Indians use trade?
Native Floridian Indians used trade:

... to get goods they needed or wanted that they could not make themselves.

...Trade was done by barter.