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What year was Charlemagne crowned?
What are the romance languages?
The languages that were branches of Latin. Spanish, France, etc.
What were the rules set by St. Benedict created for hte monks and nuns.
§ strict schedule of prayer and work.
§ One you joined a monastery a monk should stay there
§ Eating and drinking in moderation
How did Monks and Nuns affect the community?
○ Monks and nuns led orderly lives, they maintained libraries, schools, and helped the communities around them., helped poor and sick. Copied manuscripts: illuminated manuscripts
Man who converted the Irsh to Christianity.
St. Patrick
was the first of Merovingian King. was ruthless, controlled much of Gaul (France)
○ wanted to be officially the King
○ To pope needed help against the Lombards who were threatening Rome
○ helped the Pope defeat the Lombards
○ Pope crowned Him King by the grace of God. This is important because Kings now claim to have spiritual powers
Pepin the Short
how did Charlemagne revive learning?
○ Invited scholars from all over Europe, to his court, and iterate Jews
○ Started palace school
○ Required monasteries and cathedrals to have schools for future priest, nuns and monks
Who took over after Charlemagne?
Louis the Pious
What did his empire include>
France, much of Germany, parts of Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, parts of Austria