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The Prophet preached the message of Islam in makkah for how many years?
What is the difference between brother and companion?
"My brothers are those who believe in me although they did not see me."
What are two permissable sports in Islam?
Horseback riding, Archery, Wrestling
Who wrote the "Golden Series" books?
Abdul Basit Ahmad
What does injustice mean?
Violation of someone elses rights
Who was the first caliph
Abu Bakr
Who was the second caliph
Umar bin al Khattab
Was Abu Bakr the first to accept Islam?
No, Khadijah the prophet's first wife was the first one to accept his message.
What is the main quality known to us about Umar?
He was a Just ruler amongst the people
Who is Uthmaan?
3rd Caliph of Islam