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To put in place
Mise en place
An arrangement used for larger kitchens to allow communication between stations
Parallel, face-to-face arrangement
Performing a task in the most efficient way possible
Work simplification
Allows foodservice establishments to separate equipment into two major work stations
L-shaped arrangement
An arrangement of the kitchen equipment
Cooking line
The orderly movement of food through the kitchen
Work Flow
Similar stations grouped into larger work areas
Work sections
An area that contains the necessary tools and equipment to prepare certain types of food
Work station
Equipment placed along a wall
Single, straight-line arrangement
Using the fewest body movements without unnecessary stress or strain
Range of motion
Name this oven
Deck oven
Often used for pizza baking
This oven has a fan that circulates the oven'sheated air. Name this oven!
Convection oven - allows you to cook foods in about 30% less time and at temperatures approx. 25 o 35 degrees lower than temperatures in a conventional oven