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abdominal quadrants
an approach to the geography of the abdominopelvic region, dividing the abdomen into four quarters.
abdominopelvic cavity
the diaphragm divides the ventral body cavity into two parts: a superior pasrt enclosed by the ribcage called the thoracic cavity, and the inferior abdominopelvic cavity.
adhesion molecules
allow the cells of a tissue to recognize one another and stick together.
fat cells derived from fibroblasts. the interior of each adipocyte is dominated by a droplet of fat.
adipose tissue
specialized tissues for the storage of fat.
an engery-depleted form of ATP>
anatomical position
subject/patient is erect, facing the viewer, with feet pointed ahead, arms at side, and the palms of the hands turned forward.
appendicular region
one of the fundamental regions of the body, consisting of the limbs or extremities.
within the mitochondria, the energy from the oxidation of foodstuffs is applied to the synthesis of ATP, the general chemical energy source for energy-requiring cellular processes.
axial region
one of the fundamental regions of the body, consisting of the head, neck, and trunk.
double layer
blood plasma
a fluid component containing salts; some organic solutes; dissolved gases and proteins.
body cavities
hollow spaces within the body that contain internal organs: dorsal (cranial cavity and spinal canal), ventral (thoracic cavity and abdominopelvic cavity), and scrotal (males only).