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Agricultural (N or S)
Union (N or S)
Rebels (N or S)
Industrial (N or S)
Confederacy (N or S)
Yankee (N or S)
Had more people (N or S)
Had more industry
Had more expierienced generals (N or S)
Had more ships (N or S)
Eli Whitney
Invented the cotton gin
Frederick Douglass
Born in slavery, Spoke against slavery.
Sojourner Truth
Born a slave went around giving speeches about slavery.
Daniel Webster
He took a stand w/ the union, and helped Henry Clay. It also ruined his chances of becoming president.
Abraham Lincoln
Declared freedom of all slaves residng in northwith the emancipation proclomation.
Robert E. Lee
Turned against the nation he saved his loved ones.
Henry Clay
Wrote MO. compromise in 1820.
Wrote compromise of 1850
Nat Turner
In slave revolt---1831
Dred Scott
Slave taken to Illinios and spoke with sojourner truth
Stephen A. Douglass
Senator who wrote Kansas nebraska Act in 1854.
John Brown
White abolitionist who said he would free all slaves.
Martial law
Law imposed on an occupied territory by occupying military forces
A monetary payment exacted by a government in war time.
Art of using all forces of a nationto execute approved plans ae effectively as possible during peace or war.
Something that is given liberally
sheathead with iron plates for protection.
the surrounding and blackading by an army attempting to capture
What was the three part plan for the north to win?
Invadethe south and union.
What is the Emancipation Proclomation.
President Lincolns act that declared slavery in the confederacy.
Terms of MO. Compromise?
1. MO enters as a slave state.
2. ME enters as free state.
3. In the LA territory north of 36° 30 minutes there would be no slavery exept in MO.
Compromise of 1850...TERMS??
1. CALI is a free state
2. Organization of NM and UT as territories with popular soverighnty
3. Payment to TX for giving up some territory.
4. An end to slave the slave trade but not in D.O.C
5. Passage of a strict federal law enforcing the return of fugitive or runaway slaves.
Kansas Nebraska Act...Terms?
1. Build transcontinental railroad
2. 2 sepperate territories
3. The people who lived there could vote to be slave or free.
4. Slave is territory
Underground Railroad?
Harriet tubman led slaves through the path and this is where slaves escaped.