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The Ghettysburg Adress
Given by Abraham Lincoln, explaining the meaning of the Civil War
Battle of the Wilderness
May 5th 1864 on the same ground as the battle at chancellorsville. The Confederates won
Battle of Spotsylvania
A series of clashes that followed over 2 weeks
Soldiers who use hit and run tactics
Thirteenth Amendment
This was a law that ended slavery in the United States forever
National currency, what is today dollar bills
Martial Law
An emergency rule by military authorities
Democrats who warned that the Republican policias would bring a flood of freed slaves to the North
Writ of habeas corpus
A legal protection requiring that a court determine if a person is lawfully imprisioned
The Emancipation Proclamation
The speech given by Abraham Lincoln on January 1st, 1863, that slaves in areas of rebellion against the government would be free
Seized possesions from one side's enemies
A special type of shell filled with bullets
What was the Southern Economy like during the war?
They suffered many hardships: shortage of food and labor shortage, but southern industry grew during the war
What was the Northern Economy like during the war?
The war hit industries that depended on southern markets & cotton, but other northern industries boomed.
The Battle of Fredericksburg
December 13th, 1862, Confederate losses were lower than the Union's
Battle of Chancellorsville
May 1st, 1863, the Confederate army won
Battle of Ghettysburg
July 1st, 1863, leading the Confederates retreating back to Virginia
Devices that exploded in the air or when they hit something
A tactic in which an enemy is surrounded and starved in order to make it surrender
What were some of the Union's strengths?
the North was much better prepared (had double the south's railroad tracks, helping food, troops, and supplies come quicker than the South) Also, the North was richer than the South and already had a functioning government with an existing army and navy
What were the Union military strategies?
The Anaconda Plan, Lincoln shut down the South's ports along the Atlantic Coast & the Golf of Mexico, so they couldnt ship cotton to Europe and importing the goods they needed. They also choked off the Confederacy with the blockade to use troops and gunboats to gain control of the Mississippi River
What were the Confederate War strategies?
The South's war plan was to prepare and wait, and prepared for a defensive war. It called for a War of Attrition, in this war, one side inflicts continuous losses on the enemy in order to wear down its strength. They hoped to give the Union many losses until they lost the will to fight.
Battle at Shiloh
April 6, 1862 Confederate's surprised Grant's troops at Shiloh, driving the Union forces back almost to the Tennessee River, but the next night, Union forces counter-attacked and defeated the Confederate's troops
The Second Battle of Bull Run
August 29th, against General John Pope's Union forces and General E. Lee's Confederates. The Confederates won
The Battle of Antietam
September 17th, 1862 the two armies met at Antietam Creek near Maryland. The next day the Confederates retreated to Virginia
A required military service
What were some of the Confederate's strength's?
2/3 of the nation's population lived in the south, making more men available to the Union's side. They also had the advantage for fighting to preserve their way of life
Between what time did the Civil War occur?
What was the first battle of the war? When did it start?
The first battle at bull run. It started July 21st 1861.