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Describe the Battering phase of the violence cycle.
With hitting, burning, beating, or raping the woman. The woman often simply endures the abuse.
interest centered on self rather than on others
prune belly syndrome
congenital absence of abdominal muscles
A woman who had a stillborn infant at 37 weeks of gestation angrily asks the nurse why her physician didn't "take the baby early." The nurse should understand that the mother's behavior
a. is unusual when stillbirth occurs at this late gestation
b. suggests discord between the woman and her partner
c. should be expected as part of the normal grieving process
d. reflects intense guilt about her own self-care in pregnancy
What are the fetal and neonatal effects seen with maternal use of alcohol?
Fetal demise, IUGR, FAS (facial and cranial anomalies, developmental delay, mental retardation, short attention span), fetal alcohol effects (milder form of FAS)
Explain how pregnancy impacts the adolescent's development of independence.
Development of independence from parents is interrupted. The teenage girl usually becomes more dependent on them, rather than becoming more independent of her family home.
Describe the Honeymoon phase of the violence cycle.
When the abuser is overly solicitous and tries to make up with his partner. He often insists on having intercourse to prove that she forgives him. The woman wants to believe that he will never abuse her again.
highly addictive form of cocaine
Correct advice for the women who ask about using alcohol during pregnancy is that it is
a. safest if taken during the last trimester
b. best to avoid during the first 12 weeks
c. unknown if there is any fetal harm from its use
d. important to avoid it entirely throughout pregnancy
When first presenting an infant with an anomaly to parents, the nurse should
a. have the physician initially discuss the causes of the anomaly, if known
b. emphasize the most normal aspects of the infant before showing them the anomaly
c. wait until the mother has had time to recuperate from the stress of the labor
d. limit their time with the infant the first time they see him or her
List behavoir antepartal signs associated with drug abuse.
Late prenatal care, failing to keep appointments, and not following recommendations.
Why is grief an essential aspect of attachment to an infant with an anomaly?
Parents must grieve for the expected normal child before they can detach from this fantasy and move on to accepting the child they have.
Describe the Tension-building phase of the violence cycle.
When threats and angry behaviors escalate; increased use of alcohol and drugs; the woman tries to avoid or placate her abuser.
What problems is the mature mother likely to encounter in terms of support of friends and family?
She may have less peer support because most other women her age have teenagers or young adults.
What problems is themature mother likely to encounter in terms of fatigue?
She may have less energy to cope with the demands of an infant plus the day-to-day activities of living.
What pregnancy risks are higher for adolescents than for adults?
Pregnancy-induced hypertension, anemia and nutritional deficiencies, higher maternal mortality, and high incidence of sexually transmissible diseases.
Explain how pregnancy impacts the adolescent's employment opportunities.
Reliance on welfare system is more likely because of incomplete education and limited job skills.
Explain how pregnancy impacts the adolescent's education.
Education is often interrupted and may never be completed. Overall educational level is lower.
The best way for the nurse to evaluate the quality of a pregnant adolescent's diet is to
a. ask her how well she eats in a nonthreatening manner
b. assume it is inadequate and give her advice
c. ask her to describe what she ate the previous day
d. have her record everything she eats for 1 week
List genetic complications the mature pregnant woman is more likely to encounter.
There is a higher incidence of chromosome abnormalities such as Down syndrome.
honeymoon phase
period of time before child-care difficulties arise
List preexisting disorder complications the mature pregnant woman is more likely to encounter.
Older women are more likely to have underlying chronic medical conditions that complicate pregnancy, such as diabetes or hypertension.
List obstetric complications the mature pregnant woman is more likely to encounter.
There is a higher incidence of multifetal gestation, preterm labor, dysfunctional labor, and cesarean birth. Infants are more likely to be small for gestational age.
List emotional reaction to pregnancy antepartal signs associated with drug abuse.
Anger or apathy toward pregnancy, paricularly if these are evident at a time when the normal ambivalence of early pregnancy should be resolved.
What signs might the woman have during the intrapartum period if she has recently ingested Cocaine?
Profuse sweating, hypertension, irregular respirations, lethargic response to labor, lack of interest in interventions, dilated pupils, increased body temperature, sudden onset of severely painful contractions, emotional lability and paranoia, fetal tachycardia, and fetal hyperactivity.
List obstetrical history antepartal signs associated with drug abuse.
Spontaneous abortions, premature births, abruptio placentae, stillbirths.
Why do substances ingested by the mother tend to have a more pronounced effect on her fetus than on her?
Most substances ingested by the mother cross the placenta and enter the fetal circulation. The fetus cannot metabolize the substance as quickly, so the substance lingers for a prolonged time in the fetal body.
What fetal and neonatal effects are seen with maternal use of Heroin?
IUGR, perinatal asphyxia, intellectual impairment, neonatal abstinence syndrome, neonatal infections, neonatal death (SIDS, child abuse and neglect).
List physical appearance antepartal signs associated with drug abuse.
Poor grooming, inadequate weight gain, weight gain pattern that does not conform to that expected for the gestational age.
What care is appropriate for the heroin-exposed newborn?
Management of withdrawal syndrome: decreased environmental stimulation; swaddling; small, frequent feedings.
Why might the birth center staff screen a woman for cocaine if she is admitted in preterm labor and having intense contractions?
Cocaine directly stimulates uterine contractions. Preterm labor contractions are rarely abrupt and intense at their onset. The fetus or neonate may have problems related to the maternal cocaine, such as abruptio placentae, premature rupture of the membranes, precipitous birth, stillbirth, tachycardia, irritability, muscular rigidity, hypertension, and an exaggerated startle reflex.
What fetal and neonatal effects are seen with maternal use of Marijuana?
hyperirritability, tremors, and unusual sensitivity to light
long-acting drug to substitute for heroin or morphine
Wht special concerns exist if the infant has facial or genital anomalies?
Facial abnormalities cause parental concerns about how others will accept their child because the defect is obvious. Genital defects cause ambiguity and anxiety about the child's identity-is the baby a boy or a girl? How should the baby be dressed?
What fetal or neonatal effects are seen with maternal use of tobacco?
Prematuriey, LBW, fetal demis, developmental delays, increased incidence of SIDS, pneumonia.
What signs might the woman have during the intrapartum period if she has recently ingested Heroin?
Withdrawal symptoms such as yawning, diaphoresis, rhinorrhea, restlessness, and excessive tearing.
Describe the risks to an abused pregnant woman and her fetus.
Woman: multiple injury sites; late entry into prenatal care; increased risk fo rlow maternal weight gain and anemia; more substance abuse.
Fetus: prematurity and low birth weight.
The main goal when caring for battered women is to
a. emphasize that they have the right not to be hurt
b. help them better identify their role in the family
c. encourage them to ask their partners about counseling
d. limit their ability to return to the abusive partner
Why is it important that both fathers and mothers be supported in the grief aspects of hsving a baby with an anomaly or of perinatal loss?
The father as well as the mother must be assisted to deal with the shock and sadness, rather than all attention being focused on the mother's grief. Only when the father deals with his emotions can he support his partner and explain the loss to the couple's family and friends.
substance containing opium or any of its derivatives