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The 3 Archipelagos that make up the Caribbean Islands are:
The Bahamas
The Greater Antilles
The Lesser Antilles
In what Central American Countries did the Maya live?
Guatemala, Honduras
What percentage of Central Americans live on farms or in small villages?
What 7 countries form what is known as Central America?
Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize
What country has the largest population?
What types of music can you find in the Caribbean Islands?
Steel drum, Reggae, African rhythms, Salsa, American pop music and jazz
What was the first nation in the world to be founded by formerly enslaved people?
Why are commercial crops sometimes a risky business?
Because one cannot predict the weather, and if there is bad weather one year, the crops will fail that year.
What is the least populated country in the Caribbean?
From which country did most Central American Countries gain independence?
The climate of Central America is mostly
The Central Highlands of Central America are actually
A chain of volcanic mountains
What crops are grown on plantations in Central America?
Coffee, bananas, cotton and sugarcane
The total population of the Caribbean islands is more than
38 million
What is the climate of most of the Caribbean Islands?
Tropical Savannah
The 2 most important economic activities in the Caribbean Islands are
Tourism and Farming
A mineral used to make aluminum and that is mined in Jamaica is called
The capital of Puerto Rico is
San Juan
The percentage of people who can read and write
Literacy rate
Narrow piece of land that links two larger areas of land
An isthmus
The topmost layer of the rain forest
The canopy
People who travel to other countries to enjoy natural wonders
Fierce storms with high winds
A partly self-governing territory
A Commonwealth
Where goods can be bought from other countries without paying for taxes
A free trade zone
A group of islands
An Archipelago
A ban on trade
An embargo
Farms owned and operated by the government
The only country in the Caribbean with a Communist government
The leader of Cuba
Fidel Castro
What function do the locks have in the Panama Canal?
They raise and lower the water level so that ships can traverse the canal.
How long is the Panama Canal?
50 miles long
How long did the United States manage the Panama Canal?
80 years
In what month and year did the United States hand over the Panama Canal back to Panama?
December, 1999