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Eminent Domain
the government may take your property for public good
due process
a procedure that must be followed before you may be denied your freedom
grand jury
review information/evidence to seek if there is justification to proceed to trial
formal charge of a crime
self incrimination
you don't have to say anything that might hurt you in court
double jeopardy
you cannot be charged twice with the same crime
Amendment XI
judicial power will not extend any suit against against a state, citizen, or foreign country
Amendment XII
electors must vote stating that which they wish to vote for, in the event of a tie for president the house of representatives shall vote, must be two-thirds to count
Amendment XIII
neither slavery or servitude shall be convicted except in punishment
Amendment XIV
no state shall abridge nationalized citizens, grants full citizenship to all native americans
Amendment XV
granted right to vote to african americans, no person can be denied right to vote based on race or color
Amendment XVI
the congress shall have power to collect taxes on incomes
Amendment XVII
direct election of senators