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a 1776 battle in New York in which more than 1400 Americans were killed, wounded or captured
Battle of Long Island
a 1776 battle in New Jersey in which George Washington's troops captured a Hessian encampment in a surprise attack
Battle of Trenton
in 1776, the first major American victory in the Revolution which ended the British threat to New England
Battle of Saratoga
work together to achieve a common goal
troops on horseback
Pennsylvania site of Washington's Continental Army encampment during the winter of 1777 - 1778
Valley Forge
a continental officer who went behind British lines and was captured
Nathan Hale
soldiers from Germany
British general who failed to retake Trenton
General Charles Cornwallis
a British general who failed to cut off New England
General John Burgoyne
the French king
Louis XVI
brought trained French soldiers to help the Americans; became one of George Washington's most trusted friends
Marquis de Lafayette
from Germany; trained Washington's troops to march and drill
Friedrich von Steuben
from Poland; an engineer who helped build forts and other defenses
Thaddeus Kosciusko
from Poland; he trained cavalry
Casimir Pulaski