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What is the most importan symbol of the United States
The American Flag
It has stars and stripes
How many Stripes are on the Flag?
Bad luck number
What do the 13 stripes on the flag represent?
the original 13 colonies
How many red stripes are on the flag?
lucky number
Howmany white stripes are on the flag?
one less
What does the white on the flag stand for?
What does the red on the flag stand for?
Blue stands for
fairness or justice
What are the three nicknames that the flag has?
Old Glory

The Star Spangled Banner

Stars and Stripes
Some people say this person made the first flag. Who was she?
Betsy Ross
What is the Pledge of Allegiance
a poem
What does the Pledge of Allegiance promise?
It is a promise of loyalty.
What two things should you do when you say the Pledge of Allegiance?
1. Place your hand over your heart.

2. Stand up straight and tall.
What shape do we fold the flag into?
A Triangle.
Why do we fold the flag into a triangle?
To honor George Washington who wore a 3 pointed hat.
When the flag becomes dirty, torn, or worn out who should we give it to?
The veterans. They burn them in a ceremony. NEVER BURN a flag yourself.
What type of government do we have?
A Democracy.
What is a democracy
This means that the people of our country get to vote to make decisions.
What is the leader of our country called?
The President. Some other countries have Kings.
What is the name of our President?
George W. Bush.
What do we call a member of a country, city or town?
A citizen.
What three things do citizens do?
pay taxes, vote, and volunteer
What things protect our rights as citizens?
rules and laws.
What is the name of our country?
The United States.