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treaty signed by some Native Americans in 1795, giving up land that would later become part of Ohio in exchange for $20,000 and a promise of more money if they kept the peace.
Treaty of Greenville
league of independent states or nations
in 1811, battle over white settlement in the Indiana Territory
Battle of Tippecanoe
members of Congress from the South and the West who called for war with Britain prior to the War of 1812
War Hawks
devotion to one's country
1. governor of the Indiana Territory
2. A chief, a "white father"
William Henry Harrison
1. Leader of the Indian delegation
2. determined to push back white settlers from Indian lands
3. United States was fighting on two fronts against his Indian allies and against Great Britain
True or False- Fighting with the Native Americans hurt relations between Britain and the US (AS)
True or False- Madision wanted war (AS)
True or False- All except New England were anti-British.
In 1811, a breif battle broke out. Where was the battle near? (AS)
The New York Harbor