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1795 agreement with Spain that let Americans ship their goods down the Mississippi River and store them in New Orleans. (AS)
Pinckney Treaty (AS)
vast territory between the MIssissippi River and Rocky Mountains, purchased from France
Louisiana Purchase
long voyage of exploration
a mountain range that seperates river systems flowing toward opposite sides of a continent
continental divide
1. French ruler
2. French colony in the Cariccean ruined his plan
3. He set troops to take over Haiti
Napoleon Bonaparte
1. led the revolt
2. his followers nearly forced France out of Haiti
3. captured by French
Toussaint L'Ouverture
1. judged volunteers on the basis of their character, strength, hunting skills, and ability to survive in wilderness
2. brought gifts for Native Americans
3. In the Rocky Mountains crossed the Continental Divide
4. these explorers brought back useful info. about the Louisiana Purchase
Lewis and Clark
1. Native American Woman
2. helped out Lewis and Clark expedition
3. Knew much about healing qualities of plants and herbs
4. belonged to the Shoshone people
1. from 1805 - 1807
2. explored upper Mississippi Rive, the Arkansas River, and part of of the present day Mexico
3. He was arrested by Spanish troops by entering their territory
Zebulon Pike
How did the Loisiana Purchase help the United States?
The Lousiana Purchase helped the U.S:
1. It expanded the country.
2. It cut into Spanish territory.
3. It gave control of the Mississippi River to America.(AB)
Before offered all of Louisiana, what part of Louisiana did the U.S want to purchase?
New Orleans (AB)