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Jacksonian Democracy
the spreading of political power
Indian Territory
the region that is now Oklahoma and parts of Kansas and Nebraska
Trail of Tears
the Cherokee journey to Indian Territory
doctrine of nullification
the idea that states can reject federal laws
John C. Calhoun
a nationalist who later defended sectionalism
the act of withdrawing from the union
John Quincy Adams
the man the House of Representatives selected as president
a seminole leader in Florida
a severe economic slump
a Cherokee who made a writing system
Panic of 1837
An economic disaster that sent the United States into a depression
Worcester v. Georgia
Supreme Court ruling that the Cherokee Nation was a distinct territory over which only the federal government had authority. Ignored by both Andrew Jackson and the state of Georgia
John Ross
The chief of the Cherokee Nation.
Martin Van Buren
Became president in 1836
William Henry Harrison
Governor of the Indiana territory. Became president in 1841
Whig Party
The party of William Henry Harrison. Oppossed to Jackson.