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on account of
obeo, -ire, ii(ivi), itus
enter, approach, traverse, skirt
ibicio, ere, ieci, iectus
present, place before
obiecto (1)
throw to, expose
obitus, us m.
death, downfall, ruin
obliviscor, i, litus
forget (+gen.)
obmutesco, ere, tui
be dumb, stand speechless
obnitor, i, us (nixus)
push against, strive
oborior, iri, ortus
spring up, arise
obruo, ere, ui, utus
overwhelm, crush
obscenus, a, um
foul, filthy, disgusting
obscurus, a, um
dark, shadowy, glowy, dim
observo (1)
observe, watch, note
obsideo, ere, sedi, sessus
besiege, besset
obstipesco, ere, stipui
be dazed, stand agape
obsto, are, stiti, status
stand in the way, oppose (+dat.)
obstruo, ere, struxi, structus
block, stop
obtestor (1)
make appeal to, beseech
obtutus, us m.
gaze, view
obverto, ere, i, rsus
turn to (+dat.)
obvius, a, um
in the way, meeting, to meet (+dat.)
occasus, us m.
fall, destruction
occido, ere, occidi, occasus
fall, perish, end, die
occulo, ere, ui, ltus
hide, conceal
occulto (1)
hide, conceal
occumbo, ere, cubui, cubitus
fall (in death)
Oceanus, i m.
ocior, ius
swifter, quicker, very swift
odi, isse
hate, detest, loathe
odium, (i)i n.
hate, hatred, enmity
odor, oris m.
odor, fragrance
odorus, a, um
smelling, keen scented
offero, ferre, obtuli, oblatus
Oileus, ei m.
Greek King, father of Ajax
oleo, ere, ui
smell stink
olim (adv.)
at some time
Olypmus, i m.
high Greek mountain, hme of the gods, heaven, Olympus
omen, inis n.
portent, omen, sign
omnino (adv.)
altogether, completely, utterly
omnipotens, entis
all mighty, all powerful
onero (1)
load, burden
onus, eris n.
burden, load
onustus, a, um
laden, burdened
opaco (1)
darken, shade, shadow
opacus, a, um
dark, gloomy, dusty
operio, ire, ui, rtus
cover, hide
opertum, i n.
mystery, hidden thing
opimus, a, um
rich, splendid, sumptuous
spolia opima
"spoils of honor", won when a Roman general with his own hand slew the general of the enemy
opperior, ire, per(i)tus
await, wait for
oppeto, eere, ivi(ii), itus
encounter, meet (death)
oppono, ere, posui, postius
oppose, place against
opprimo, ere, pressi, pressus
overwhelm, crush
ops, opis f.
help, resources, power, wealth
optimus, a, um
best, finest
opto (1)
choose, desire, hope for
opultentus, a, um
rich, wealthy
opus, eris n.
work, task, toil, deed
orbis, is m.
circle, fold, coil, orb, revolution
Orcus, i m.
Hades (god of) the lower world
ordior, ire, orsus
begin, undertake
ordo, inis m.
order, line, array
Oreas, adis f.
Oread, a mountain nymph
orgia, orum n.
mystic rites, rituals
Oriens, entis m.
Orient, the East
origo, inis f.
orgin, beginning, source
Orion, onis m.
the storm bringing constelation named for a famous hunter transported to heaven
ornus, i f.
oro (1)
beseech, entreat, pray for
Orentis, is(i) m.
comrage of Aeneas
Orpheus, i m.
mythical poet and musician of Thrace who decended to Hades to bring back his wife Eurydice, but failed
ortus, us m.
rising, source
os, ossis n.
osculum, i n.
dainty lips, kiss
ostendo, ere, i ntus
show, display
ostento (1)
show off, display, exhibit, parade
ostium, (i)i n.
mouth, entrance, harbor
ostrum, i n.
purple, scarlet, crimson
otium, (i)i n.
leisure, idleness, quiet
ovo, are, --
exult, rejoice
oculus, i m.
omnis, e
all, every
ora, ae f.
shore, coast; region
os, oris n.
mouth, face; speech