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mille, milia, ium, n.
minae, arum, f.
threat, menace
Minerva, ae, f.
goddess of wisdom
minime, adv.
least, not at all
ministro (1)
tend, serve
Minoius, a, um
minor, ari, atus
tower (over); threaten
Minotaurus, i, m.
Cretan monster
minus, adv.
mirabilis, e
wonderful, marvelous
mirandus, a, um
wonderful, marvelous
miror, ari, atus
wonder (at), admire
mirus, a, um
wonderful, marvelous
misceo, ere, ui, mixtus
confuse, mix
Misenus, i, m.
Trojan trumpeter
miserabilis, e
miserable, wretched
misereor, eri, itus
pity, commiserate
missilis, e
able or ready to be thrown, hurled
mitesco, ere
become mild
mitra, ae, f.
mitre, turban
Mnestheus, ei (eos), acc. ea, m.
Trojan leader
mobilitas, atis, f.
activity, motion
modo, adv.
only, (just) now
modus, i m.
manner, measure
moles, is, f.
mass, burden
molior, iri, itus
undertake, (strive to) accomplish
mollio, ire, ivi (ii), itus
soothe, mild
mollis, e
soft, yielding
molliter, adv.
softly, gently
moneo, ere, monui, monitus
warn, advise
monimentum (monumentum), i, n.
reminder, memorial
monitum, i, n.
advice, warning
monitus, us, m.
advice, warning
monstro (1)
point out, show
monstrum, i, n.
prodigy, portent
mora, ae, f.
delay, hesitation
moribundus, a, um
dying, about to die
morior, i, mortus
die, perish
moror, ari, atus
delay, tarry, hinder
morsus, us, m.
bite, jaws
mortalis, is, m.
mortal, human
mos, moris, m.
custom, ritual
motus, us, m.
movement, emotion
mox, adv.
soon, presently
mugitus, us, m.
bellow(ing), roar
mulceo, ere, lsi, lsus
calm, soothe
multiplex, icis
manifold, multiple
munio, ire, ivi (ii), itus
muralis, e
of a wall
murex, icis, m
purple (dye), crimson
murmur, uris, n.
murmur, roar
murus, i, m.
(city) wall, battlement
Musa, ae, f.
muto (1)
(ex)change, transform
Mycenae, arum, f.
city of central Greece
Mymidones, um, m.
Greeks of Thessaly
machina, ae f.
machine, device, engine
macto, are, avi, atus
slaughter, sacrifice, kill
macula, ae f.
spot, splotch, stain
maculosus, a, um
madeo, ere, ui
drip, be wet, reek
maereo, ere
mourn, grieve, pine (for)
maestus, a, um
sad, gloomy, mourn
magalia, ium n.
huts, hovels
more than
more, rather
magister, tri m.
master, pilot
magistratus, us m.
magistrate, officer
magnanimus, a, um
maiestas, tatis f.
greatness, dignity
badly, ill, scarcely, not
malo, malle, malui
prefer, wish (in preference)
malum, i n.
evil thing, misfortune, disaster
malus, a, um
bad, evil, wicked
mamma, ae f.
mandatum, i n.
command, mandate, charge, behest
mando, are, avi, atus
entrust, command, enjoin
mando, ere, i, mansus
chew, champ
Manes, ium m.
(souls of) the dead, Hades
Machaon, onis m.
Greek leader and surgeon
Maeonius, a, um
Maeonian, Lydian, Asiatic
Maia, ae f.
daughter of Atlas and mother of Mercury, messenger of the gods
manifestus, a, um
clear, manifest
Marcellus, i m.
Marcus Claudius Marcellus
maritus, i m.
(prospective) husband, suitor
marmor, oris n.
marmoreus, a, um
of marble, white
Marpes(s)sius, a, um
of Marpe(s)sus, a mountain on the island of Paros famous for its white marble
Mars, Martis m.
Mars, god of war
Massyli, (or)um m.
tribe of North Africa
Massylus, a, um
Of the Massyli
maternus, a, um
of a mother, maternal
maturo, are, avi, atus
hasten, speed; ripen
Maurusius, a, um
Mavors, rts m.
Mars, god of war
Mavortius, a, um
Martian, of Mars
meatus, us m.
course, path, motion
meditor, ari, atus
meditate, design, consider, think over, practice
medium, (i)i n.
middle, midst, center
medulla, ae f.
mel, mellis n.
melior, ius
better, superior
membrum, i n.
member, limb, (part of) body
memini, isse
remember, recall (+ gen)
Memnon, onis m.
Ethiopian king
memor, oris
remembering, mindful, unforgetting (+gen)
memorabilis, e
memorable, glorious
memoro, are, avi, atus
(re)call, recount, relate
Menelaus, i m.
Greek leader
mensa, ae f.
mensis, is m.
mentior, iri, itus
lie, deceive, pretend
mentum, i n.
chin, beard
mercor, ari, atus
buy, purchase
Mercurius, (i)i m.
messenger of the gods
mereo, ere, ui, itus
deserve, earn, merit
meritum, i n.
desert, service, merit
meta, ae f.
goal, limit, bound, turning-point
metallum, i n.
metal, ore, mine
metuo, ere, ui
fear, dread
metus, us m.
fear, anxiety, dread
mico, are, ui
quiver, flash, dart
migro, are, avi, atus
migrate, depart
melies, itis m.
soldier(y), warrior(s)
miles, militis m.
soldier, warrior
magnus, a, um
great, large, huge, vast
maior, maius
greater, bigger
maneo, ere, mansi, mansus
remain, stay, abide, linger
manus, us f.
hand; band, troop
mare, is n.
mater, matris f.
maximus, a, um
greatest, biggest
medius, a, um
mens, mentis f.
meus, a, um
mine, my
miser, misera, miserum
unhappy, wretched, unfortunate
mitto, mittere, misi, missus
send, hurl, dismiss, let go; end, finish
moenia, orum n pl.
mons, montis m.
mors, mortis f.
death, destruction
moveo, movere, movi, motus
multus, a, um
much, many
munus, muneris n.
gift, duty; function