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objects held or moved by actors in some way transported
Scene (set)
Something that is used on stage but is not transported/ is stationary.
Objectives of Designers (7)
-Create an environment for performers
-Set tone and style for production
-Distinguish in the theatre between realistic and non-realistic elements
-Establish locale ad period (time period)
-Where appropriate provide entral metaphor or images
-Coordinate scenery w/ other production elements
-Solve practical problems
Tools of Designer (6)
-Visual Composition
Work of Designer (4)
-Identify basic scenic elements required by script
-Identify imagry and metaphors outlined in script
-Reflect on mood and style required in script
-Be responsive to director about all of the above
Processes of the Designer (5)
-Ground Plan
-Shop Drawings (blue prints)
Objectives of Lighting Designer (5)
-Control Focus (individual lights.. ie specials)
-Establish mood/atmosphere (different colors/brightness)
-Establish Rhythmn
-Establish Realistic and Non-realistic elements
Lighting Designer's Artistic Tools (5)
-Color-gel-plastic transparent that is colored
-Texture-Pattern infront of light
-Focus-size and shape
Factors influencing clothing (6)
-Planned Activities
-Time of day or year
Costume Designer Tools (5)
-Style(what's in?)
-Line/Cut(Tailored/box cut)
Costume Designer Objectives (3)
-Clothe the performers
-Reveal the character
-Help Actor embody the role
Black Playwrights
Helped shape the american theater better
-Not stereotyping blacks
-Most unique american genre for plays
-Emphasizes unique excitement from a dazzling live spectacle
The Critics
-Actors in film/play
Questions asked by the critic(3)
-What are the artists attempting to do?
-Are they successful?
-Identify relevancy to society?
Role Of the Audience Member:Audience brings (4)
-Knowledge and Personal memories
-Social, political, philosphical, world of present day & of whom play was written
-Information about:play, playwright, and artists
-Individual expectations of the event
Audience Skills (6)
-Emotionally Responsive
-Expressive skills (emotions)
American Drama
theme setting and characterisation explore american experience.
Nation wide organization of booking agents formed by a group of theatrical entreprenuers in 1896
-Headed by charles frohman
Theatrical innovation was spurred by what?
Small Community theaters or Little Theaters
Stage Realism
Nuanced characterization w/ concern for social environment.
-National association for the advancement of colored people
-Gives prizes to promising black playwrights.
What is Art?
-The study of art is the study of relative value from thing to thing
-A challenge of things or life that is different from others opinions
What is the purpose of art?
-To challenge people/society/audience.
-To interpret and analyze art and relate it to life
-Served in the French Resistance during WWII
-Directed his own plays
-Beckett wrote in french
-Most influential european dramatist of the postwar period.
-Wrote Endgame
True West Characters
-Lee-older brother, dirty, takes austins job
-Saul Kimmer, guy who is in southern cali to talk to austin
-Mom, mother of lee and austin
True West Setting
Southern California, near Los Angeles
Endgame: In a game of chess, describe the situation at the point where the term "endgame" is applicable?
Stalemate, or Checkmate
Endgame:What is the piece of furniture that Hamm sits on during the play?
A chair with wheels on it
Endgame: Hamm is deprived of which of the five senses?
Endgame: 3 Props used by characters in the play?
Biscut, Scarf, Alarm Clock
Endgame: What color is Nell's face?
White, Pale
Endgame: What color is Clov's face?