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Where did the early movement begin and why?
It began in Zurich because some felt Zwingli was too cautious and moderate with Sola Scriptura teaching.
What did the Anabaptists want to do?
They wanted to purify Christian worship and also separate Church and state.
What did Anabaptists believe Christianity was a matter of?
They believed Christianity was a matter of personal conviction so there was no infant baptism?
Did Anabaptists belivee in infant baptism? Why or why not?
No because they belived Christiainity was a matter of personal conviction and babies lacked capacity to hold personal conviction
What did anabaptists mean?
Anabaptists mean they would rebaptize because they didn;t think you should be baptized by infants so they considered their baptism not to be duplicate because the first baptism was worthless in their eyes.
What did they want to do?
They wanted to return to the New Testament
What got the Anabaptists into so much trouble?
Because their beliefs opposed other churches and because they are crtitical of the state they are in trouble with both other churches and with the state. Penalty for rebaptism was death so many were martyred.
When did Luther and Zwingli say church and state went wrong?
They believed it occurred during the middle ages
When did Anabaptists believe church and state became a problem?
They thought Constantine's fault that marked end of apostacy, Have to go back in time before tension between church and voernment. They have a more radical sola scripture. They say we must go back oto the early church we shouldn't have a Christian church because that would deal with pride.
Why didn't anabaptists belive in a Christian state?
Because they thought that would deal with pride.
What did position did early anabaptists take on war? Why was this a problem?
They were pacifists. They didn't think you should have to go to war. Bad news because the king needs you to fight so the King didn't like them. They refused to take up arms. Theywouldn't fight because word of God was their sword plus Christians slaughtered. We should be like God and God suffered unto death
Why didn't Anabaptists believe we should fight back?
They thought we should suffer unto death as Christ did.
What did early anabaptists call for?
Freedom of conscience. State shouldn't determine your religion. They said no state established religion. WE get our ideas from this.
What was the early anabaptist view on predestination?
They thought if God was the cause then he would be blamed for our sinfulness. Our will is in rebellion to God.
Why do early anabaptists believe we have suffering and violence?
THey belive God yields to human will and that's why we have suffering and violence. Yields to human will and the wil of the father at the same time. AS Christians we must yield to God we do nothing but yield. Not easy to tell if they believe in free will.
What are anabaptist views on justification?
ANabaptists are closer to Catholic views of sanctification. They belive through the blood of Christ in conversion a new holy life begins.
In this new life the will becomes empowered. WE were too weak to resist sin but now through empowerment we can resist. WE believe in free will. With grace we strive to follow Christ.
What did the anabaptists believe in regards to sacraments?
They believed sacraments were signs or symbols of something that has already taken place.
Why didn't they anabaptists believe in infant baptism?
They said no infant baptism because baptism is a symbol of freely chosen faith and babies can't show faith.
What were their teachings on the Eucharist?
They taught no real presence only a sign. The sign was a sign of fellowship with Christ and one another.
What caused revolutionary anabaptisms?
Persecution of anabaptists lead to dispersion. They fled due to persecution and extremism.
What was the revolutionary anabaptists apocalyptic preaching?
They taught the coming of the end of time. They believed the end must be coming because we are dying and being tested. They think now is the time to take up arms and go to battle.
What were revolutionary anabaptist views on war?
They believed it was time to take up arms and go to battle.
What significance did musnter have in revolutionary anabaptism
They took over this city with violence and call it the New Jerusalem
What city did the revolutionary anabaptists call the new jerusalem?
Munster germany
What kinds of things did they call for in Munster?
They called for revocation of private property, allowed polygamy, reign of terror if you didn't agree you were in big trouble.
John of Leiden
Man who named himself king of Munster and went around in fine robes even though others are starving he was living in excess. HE was the one who instituted polygamy
Why did they institue polygamy at munster
BEcause of the war the number of women survivers was much higher than the number of men so they decided they would allow it.
Menno Simons
Not part of the radical group. He wants to show true anabaptist beliefs Dutch cathlic priest who decides he can't be Catholic because he doesn't believe the same things.
Becomes leader of what come to be known as Mennonites. Defends anabaptists after teh experience at Munster
What did Menno believe in regards to word?
He believes in separation of the Word. He says wordliness=sinfulness.
Goes back to pacifist position and says we must turn the other cheek. Preaches love of enemies and imitation of Christ.
What does Menno believe in regards to the trinity?
He departs for the Early Church. They question his belief in the trinity. In actuality he believes in it but doesn't agree with terminology because it departs from scripture so he uses his own terminiology but his beliefs are orthodox.
What is Menno's belief on incarnation?
He says flesh of Christ wasn't from Mary. Christ descended from Heaven. Mary only nourished the flesh but didn't contribute to it.
What did Spiritualists do?
They took Zwingli's beliefs to the exreme and said if you believe in scripture alone what do you do when there is uncertainty?
What did Spiritualists say about spirit and scripture?
They said spirit is above scripure and it tells you what is said. Scripture can be set aside sometimes because the word of God can be direct to humans from the spirit.
What were spiritualist views on sacraments?
Believed mature spirituality doesn't require external means. Emphasis on inner piety. it's important to be in communion. THere's a mystical union which deals with contemplative prayer. Doesn't needs sacraments when faith is mature.
What movement is George Fox associated with?
He is associated with the Quaker movement.
Who was George Fox?
HE was an English reformer who focuese on discovering inner light=Christ within you. Rejects exterior means of grace. WE need a Christian fellowship where spirit works through us.
What does George Fox think we have an obligation to seek?
Social justice.
What society is founded by George Fox?
George fox founds Society of Justineans. They play an important role in america. They are still imp. players in government today. They pass laws that promote justice.
What happens to reformation when it ws taken to the extremen?
When taken to the extreme the reformation leads to no need for Church.
No need for sacraments
And doctrine splits.