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What are modern/smart and combination fabrics?
->give 3 examples
->Give 3 properties
->give 3 uses
Modern and smart fabrics are designed to maximise characteristics such as lightness, breath ability, waterproffing etc. Usually manufactured using microfibres.
Give the properties of Gore-Tex and Polar fleece.
Gortex- breathable;lightwieght;waterproof
Polar fleece-
What is a synthetic fabric and a natural fabric?
Give examples.
Synthetic fabric: manmade usually from chemical substances
Natural Fabric: Derived from animal vegetables sources.
-linen,wool and silk
-Viscose,nylon and polyester
Give properties of
cool to wear
good drape
creases drop out
Stiffer handle
very absorbant
creases badly
Give properties of
Viscose is used for shirts, dresses and linings.
a soft handle,
a good drape
can be washed and ironed.
Polyester used for raincoats,fleece jackets, It has a soft handle,
a good drape
is very durable
non-absorbent-It can be recycled.
Nylon (Tactel) is used for active sportswear, fleece jackets, socks
It has a soft handle
a good drape
is non-absorbent
fast drying
very durable
Give a discription of microfibres.
Polyester or nylon microfibres are 60-100 times finer than a human hair
Microfibres can be blended with other synthetic or natural fibres.They are used for underwear, sportswear, knitwear and carpets.
State 2 modern fibres
Elastane (Lycra): Used in a blend with other fibres. It is used to make sportswear, body-hugging clothes and bandages.
-It has good handle and drape
-is durable
-stretchy (more comfortable)
-It has low warmth and is absorbent.
This is a 'natural' microfibre made from cellulose derived from wood-pulp. It is used for shirts and jeans.
-It has soft handle
-good drape
-is breathable
-easy-care and biodegradable. It is absorbent and has low warmth.
What are Bonded-fibre fabrics?
Bonded-fibre fabrics are made from webs of synthetic fibres bonded together with heat or adhesives. They are cheap to produce, but not as strong as woven or knitted fabrics. Bonded-fibre fabrics are mainly used for interlining. They are easy to sew, crease-resistant, do not fray and are stable to washing and dry-cleaning.
Describe what interlining/facing is?
Layer of fabric sewn into the neck or armholes of a garment to protect and stregthen it.
What is wool felt?
Wool felt is a non-woven fabric made from animal hair or wool fibres matted together using moisture, heat and pressure. Felt has no strength, drape or elasticity but is warm and does not fray. Wool felt is expensive. It is used for hats and slippers and in handcrafts.