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what do line graphs show
they show trends and rate of change
true or false:
bar graphs show parts of a whole
what shows parts of a whole
pie graph or circle graph
what do polar projections show
the North Pole or the South Pole as the maps center
what are people that make maps called?
the people that make maps use what to deal with the problem of distortion
map projections
list the 5 themes of geography
and what they deal with
(1)location:the position of a place on the earth's surface. (2)place:the features and characteristics that give an area its own identity or personality.(3)human-environment interaction:how people use, adapt to, or change their surroundings.(4)regions:an area that is unified by some feature.(5)movement: people interacting across the globe
what does a poltical map show?
countries and states
how are lines of longitude numbered?
based on how far east or west they are of the Prime Meridian.
What is the area between the equator and the north Pole known as?
North Latitude
define Prime meridian
the starting point of measuring longitude
define relative location
the postition of a place as compared to some other place
define relief map
a physical map that shows the highest and the lowest points of elevation
define map projection
a process of transferring earth's rounded features to a flat surface
define political region
has a common type of government and is surrounded by boundaries set by treaties, officials, or elections.
how do geographers use the five themes of geography to study a place?
Geographers use questions referring to the five themes of geography. For example, where is the place? would go with the theme, location. the others would be, what is the place like? would be the theme, place, how do the people who live there interact with the environment?; Human-environment interaction, how are those people linked with other people and places?; movement, and how is the place similar to and different from other places?; regions. The geographers can ask these questions to help make observations and to help study different places.
equal-area projection
a type of map that represents areas in their true sizes.
absolute location
the exact position of a place on earth's surface expressed in latitude and longitude.
an imaginary line that circles the earth halfway between the North and South poles.
conformal projection
a map on which parallels and meridians are drawn so that an area is shown as close to its true shape as possible.
a community near a central city.
equal-area projection
a map on which parallels and meridians are drawn so thatthe areas shown have the same relative size as they do on earth.