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From whom did free Africans Americans need permission to remain in Texas?
the Congress
Who fought General Cos's army at San Antonio?
Ben Milam and 300 volunteera
What was made legal by the Constituion of 1836?
Why was the capture of San Antonio a great victory for the Texans?
a volunteer army of Texans defeated a trained Mexican Army
What did Texans beleive the mules were carrying in the Grass Fight?
silver(to pay soldiers)
What were the most important results of the Convention of 1836?
Convention of 1836- met at Washington on the Brazos on March 1 1836
What day is celebrated as Texas Independence Day?
March 2 (1836)
What did members of the war party favor at the Consultation?
they wanted a declaration of independence
What did the peace party at the Consutation object to?
They didn't want an immediate declaration of independence
The creation of a_______________ ________________ was one important result of the Consultation.
The creation of a provisional government was one important result of the Consultation.
Where did the Convention of 1836 take place?
at Wasgington-on-the-Brazos
What had the Texans captured at San Antonio?
most of the Mexican army
For what reason was the Consultation to San Felipe?
It had a printing press
At the Consultation, what did the Texans pledge themselves to support?
The Mexican Constitution of 1824
What did the Texans think about the war after their easy victories at Gonzales and Goliad?
they thought Mexican troops could be defeated easily
A council with one member from each________________ was created as part of the temporary government.
Whose constitution does the Texas Constitution of 1836 resemble?
the United States
Where did Stephen F. Austin go to find aid for the Texans?
to the United States
Where were most of the delegates from who attended the Convention of 1836?
the Southern United States
What kept the Texans from using the winter of 1835-1836 to prepare for Santa Anna?
Quaarrels and jealousies in the government interfered(peace party against War party)
Why did General Cos surrender at San Antonio?
his supplies had run out
What did the Texas Bill of Right gurantee?
basic civil rights