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Early Native Americans were ___________ who wandered from place to place to find food.
Scientists called ____________ have studied the early Native Americans of Texas.
The Puebloan peoples built homes like apartment houses made of _________, or clay and straw baked into bricks.
The early period during which the first peoples came to North America is called________.
Most Native Americans lived in small groups of a few extended families called ____________.
The Caddoes formed three _____________, all headed by a chief who was a political and religious leader.
Native Americans developed the spear thrower, or ___________, to hurl their spears with greater force.
Plains peoples lived in __________ which were homes made of skins that could be moved easily.
______________ that were drawn or painted on cave walls provide clues to the lives of early Native Americans.
The Coahuiltecans and Karankawas stayed in small groups and never organized themselves into __________.
The Spanish sent ____________ to try to convert the Native Americans of Texas to their religion.
The earliest Native Americans of Texas lived as __________.
The earliest Native Americans of Texas lived as __________.
picture drawn or painted on cave walls, ledges, or cliffs
object made by humans that shows how they once lived
stick about two feet long with a wooden hook at the far end to hold a spear; used to throw a spear with more force
stick about two feet long with a wooden hook at the far end to hold a spear; used to throw a spear with more force
carving made on rock
The first humans walked to the Americas by crossing a land bridge between Asia and _____________
The first Native Americans to live in Texas survived by____________
hunting large animals
At the end of the Paleolithic Era, the large animals died off because the world became ______________
warmer and drier
When the climate changed around 6000 B.C. Native Americans had to find
new sources of food
Several Native American peoples lived in small___________ that included a few family groups.
When they needed to defend themselves or had important ceremonies to carry out, some Native Americans formed larger groups called_______________.
The Caddoes were the only Texas group to create a ______________.
The Caddoes lived in farming villages in
the Piney Woods
The Caddoes built a temple where they kept
a sacred fire
The Caddoes traded with other peoples, giving them well-made
pottery and bows
The Akokisas could not farm because the land along Galveston Bay was
Why did the Wichita develop the tipi, a home that was easy to move?
to hunt buffalo on the plains
How did the Comanches and Kiowas get along together?
they were once enemies but became allies
The Plains peoples who followed the buffalo herds lived the lives of
What happened to the Tonkawa after they were pushed off the plains?
they became hunter-gatherers
How did people become leaders of Apache bands?
by election
How did horses help the Plains peoples?
Riding horses helped them follow the buffalo
How were decisions made among the Commanches?
All adult males had to agree for a decision to be made
How did the Kiowas differ from other Plains peoples?
they celebrated the Sun Dance
The Puebloan peoples made their homes out of ___________ made by combining clay and straw
The Puebloans used the _______ to meet and to hold their religious ceremonies.
which people do not belong to the Puebloan culture?
The Puebloan peoples lived
in West Texas
The Jumanos made their living by
farming and trading
The Jumanos were allies with the
How did the Conchos respond when the Spanish forced them to work in mines?
they revolted
The Tigua came to Texas with the Spanish from
New Mexico