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What is a budget?
an annual financial plan
What is the Commissioners Court?
an administrative body
What is a Charter?
a City Constitution
What is an Ordinance?
the Local Law
What does a "Single Member District" mean?
Only one representative per district
What is a Special district?
a Unit of government for a specific need
What is the Tax Appraisal District?
a Taxing entity
What is the City Commissions?
the Local governing body
What is the County Clerk?
person who keeps records
What is Article IX?
the County Government
What are municipal elections?
a Non-partisan election
What are General obligation bonds?
bonds secured by the city's taxing power
What is the County judge?
person with administrative and judicial duties
What is Sales Tax?
tax on consumption
What is the Home Rule Charter?
ordinance making power
What are Revenue bonds?
bonds that are Paid for by income producing facilities
What is At Large Voting?
Elected on a city wide basis
What are Counties?
Administrative arm of the state
What is General Law?
Charter prescribed by the Constitution
What is a Sheriff?
Chief law officer of the County
What is a taxing entity?
Tax Appraisal District
Which Article is County Government?
Article IX
What is a Non-partisan election?
Municipal elections
Which Charter is an Ordinance making power?
Home Rule Charter
What is an Annual financial plan?
What is Tax on consumption?
Sales Tax
What is the Chief law officer of the County?
What is a Charter prescribed by the Constitution?
General Law
What is an Administrative body?
Commissioners Court
Who has Administrative and judicial duties?
County Judge
What is a City Constitution?
a Charter
What is the Administrative arm of the state?
What is the Local Law?
What is it when there is Only One representative per district?
Single Member District
What is a Unit of government for a specific need?
Special district
What is an election on a city wide basis called?
At Large Voting
What is the local governing body?
City Commissions
Who keeps Records?
County clerk
What is secured by the city's taxing power?
General obligation bonds
What is paid for by income producing facilities?
Revenue bonds
What is responsibility for the County Commissioners Court?
County ordinances
What is the largest drain on county tax dollars?
County roads
What is considered to be a weakness of the "Commission" style of Municipal governments?
Lacks of chief executive
County Commissioners are elected for terms of how many years?
Which official presides over the Commissioners Court?
County Judge
What is the principle form of government for general law cities?
Weak Mayor-Council
What is the principle form of government for home-rule cities in Texas?
Council Manager
Texas municipalities are constitutionally limited to raising funds from 3 sources. What is NOT one of those sources?
Corporate income tax
Texas municipalities are constitutionally limited to raising funds from 3 sources. What can those sources be?
Sales tax; General property tax; Misc. occupation taxes
In recent years, county governments have mandated that larger cities elect their council in the following manner:
Single member districts
Maximum number of Justice of the Peace Precincts per county?
True or False?
Under the Unitary Principal, local governments are the creation of the states
True or False?
Local governments are the governments closest to the people?
True or False?
Over the past 20 years, the Texas population has become slightly younger in age due primarily to the growing service industry?
True or False?
Powers of city government are restricted by municipal charters, state and national constitutions and existing statutes.
True or False?
Home Rule charter designations apply to cities/towns in Texas with populations less than 5,000 people.
True or False?
Home Rule charters were created as a result of the "Home Rule Enabling Act of 1913."
True or False?
Commission style of government actually originated in Galveston following a hurricane in the year 1900.
True of False?
The County Judge has only administrative authority.
True of False?
There are between 4,000 and 5,000 governments in Texas.
True or False?
Regardless of its large vast land, Texas has now become an urban state.
True or False?
In 1880, Galveston was the largest city in the state.
True or False?
Texas currently has 5 of the 10 largest cities in the nation
True or False?
Counties as well as cities utilize charters as a fundamental document of law to govern its jurisdiction.
True or False?
Even thought not popular in Texas, the strong Mayor-Council form of government is the style of choice for Houston and El Paso.
True or False?
Under the Council-Manager form of government, the manager is responsible for proposing a budget, monitoring the approved budget and for implementing policy.
True or False?
The Council approves, but the Mayor is responsible for policy development.
True or False?
Only 12% of all elected officials are elected from single member districts.
True or False?
Local elections are considered non-partisan in Texas.
True or False?
Regressive taxes refers to property tax and fees.
True or False?
Texas cities are not required to balance their budget but must have sufficient funds to offset any deficits.