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tx is a free/independent state, subject only to US const
Section 1
tx= a rep. govt- election of reps to make policy based on ppl's wants
section 2
all 3 men have equal rights
section 3
protection under the law should not be limited on the basis of race, sex, color, creed, or national origin.
section 4
no religious test to hold office, but must ack. a known supreme being of existence.
section 5
freedom of worship
section 6
no state money for sectarian religious purposes
section 7
state cant give money for religion purposes
freedom of speech, if u talk against someone a jury must be appointed to examine the facts
section 8
ppl ar secure in their persons, houses, papers, and poss. (except with warrant)
section 9
accused persons have the right to a speedy publis trial
section 10
speedy trial
must have bail, or option of, provided for u. except capital offenses, or 2 convicted felon
section 11
writ of habeas corpus cant be violated, must be told during a cert amt of time why beng held in jail
section 12
24 hr notice of accusation
no person sould be put in double jeopardy
section 14
double jeopardy
right of a trial by jury, cant be taken away
section 15
trial by jury
no bill of attainder or expst facto laws
section 16
no boa..expfact
no person should be put in prison for debt
section 18
debt=no prison
due process, catn be deprived of life liberty or property, can have trial by peers
section 19
due process
no conviction should corrupt blood
section 21
treason= same as US
section 22
right to bare arms
section 23
citizens right to assemble to govenor address grievances
section 27
see gov
citizens right to assemble to govenor address grievances
section 27
see gov
3 sections exec,leg, judicial
article 2
3 branches
no vote if under 18, not citizens, felons, mentally slow
article 6
voting rights
prvode public school,leg must provide admin and clean,
article 7
app. cant exceed revenue or balanced budget state cant be in debt
article 8 section 22
increases tuition
no state income tax only by maj of ppl vote
article 8 sect 24
creation of counties by leg for convenience of ppl
article 9
power of impeachment set forth by member of house, senate hols trial, gov, lt gov, att gen,
article 15
can propose amendment to const with 2/3 vote on both chambers, then vote by ppl
article 17
lwg propose amentment