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Special requirements (papers, permits). All commercial motor vehicles, truck tractors, trailers or semitrailers must carry registration papers showing the vehicle weight and how much it's registered to haul. You must obtain a special permit if you want to haul a load that is heavier or bigger than legally allowable.
Flares, fusees or reflectors. No person can operate a heavy MV on highway outside city limits half hour after sunset or before sunrise unless the vehicle contains at least 3 flares, 3 electric lanterns or 3 portable emergency red reflectors.
Flares, fusees or reflectors. During times when lighted lamps are not required , two red flags must be used in place of flares, lights, or reflectors.
Flares, fusees or reflectors. Motor vehicles transporting explosive or any cargo tank truck used for the transportation of any flammable liquid or compressed gas as a fuel should not use flares, fusees or any signals produced by flame. D.O.T approved triangular equipment can be used in lieu of the above equipment.
Hazard Warning Signal Lights. When any CMV 80 inches or more in width or 30 feet or more in overall length is stopped upon a roadway or adjacent shoulder, the driver should immediately use hazard signals. Hazards do not need to be used by a vehicle legally parked inside city limits or when stopped to receive or discharge passengers.
Fire extinguisher. Commercial vehicles hauling passengers for hire or lease must carry a chemical type fire extinguisher of at least one quart capacity. CVs subject to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations must be equipped with an extinguisher that is properly filled and readily accessible. The extinguisher should be mounted securely on the vehicle.
LIGHTING AND REFLECTORS: Reflectors must be mounted not less than 24 inches nor more than 60 inches in height above the ground on every pole trailer and on trucks, buses, truck tractors, trailers, semitrailers which are 80 or inchese in width.
BRAKES: trailers, semitrailers, pole trailers. Gross weight. Speed. Brake requirements.
A) under 4,500lbs, no brakes required
B) 4,500 to 15,000, up to 30mph, no brakes required. C) 4,500 to 15,000, above 30mph, rear axles must have working brakes.
Every MV, T, ST, PT and combo equipped with brakes must have brakes controlled by one device.
Additional brake control devices can be used on towed vehicles in conjunction with the main brake control device.
Under all conditions, the combination of vehicles must be capable of complying with the performance requirements.
If the trailer and the combination is in excess of 3,000lbs, the combination must be able to stop within 50 feet when traveling 20mph.
TURN SIGNAL INDICATORS: All MV, trailers, semitrailers or pole trailers (except motorcycles and certain trailers) shall be equipped with electrical turn signal lights.
Generally, if the trailer and the combination is 3,000lbs or less, the combination must stop within 40 ft when traveling 20mph.
TURN SIGNAL INDICATORS: Pre- 1969 models don't need electric turn signals unless the body or load of the vehicle or combination of vehicles extend to the side more than 24 inches from the center of the top of the steering wheel. Or...
TURN SIGNAL INDICATORS: Pre- 1969 models don't need electric turn signals unless the rear limit of the body or load exceeds more than 14ft from the center of the top of the steering wheel.
TURN SIGNAL INDICATORS: Passenger cars or trucks under 80in in width and manufactured prior to 1960 need not be equipped with electric turn signals.
MUD FLAPS: Must reach to within 8in of the surface of the highway and are to prevent slinging mud and slush.
MUD FLAPS: Pole trailers or truck tractors that are being operated alone without a semitrailer.
MUD FLAPS: All trucks and trailers with four or more tires on the rear axle must be equipped with safety guards or mud flaps behind the rear wheels.
Every farm tractor and self-propelled unit of farm equipment implement of husbandry manufactured or assembled after January 1, 1972 shall be equipped with the following lamps and reflectors:
A) Two head lamps
B) One taillight mounted as far left as practicable.
C) Two red reflectors.
D) Flashers. Flashers must be activated when the vehicle is being operated on any highway.
The term slow-moving vehicles include: all vehicles, farm and other machinery, and road machinery being drawn by animals or slow-moving motor vehicles.
A slow-moving emblem can only be used by slow-moving vehicles.
Slow-moving emblem. Required for all slow-moving vehicles operating at 25mph or less.
UNLAWFUL EQUIPMENT: It is unlawful to operate on a highway with wheels having cleats, lugs, flanges, studs, spikes or other extensions on the rim which would damage the road.
UNLAWFUL EQUIPMENT: It's legal to use tire chains for safety.
Exceptions: A) Vehicles being used in construction work while traveling within the limits of a construction area marked as required by the State Highway Commission or B) an implement or machinery or machinery being towed by a slow-moving vehicle bearing an emblem if this emblem remains visible.