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The last part of the nursing process is called Evaluation. It has 2 components. what?
an examination of a condition or situation

then a judgement as to wheither change has occured
The first component to the evaluation process, the examination of the work done. Is evaluation a continual thing with a nurse?
Yes so the nurse is constantly evaluating to see is expected outcomes are met NOT the nursing interventions
Examples of Evaluating
Ex. is the skin apperance returned to normal after the therapy? Is pain releived after using guided imagery and distraction? what else?
is the client expressing less anxiety following instruction and the opportunity to ask questions about his diagnosis?
what would a negative evaluation indicate to the nurse?
the client's inablility to meet the expected outcomes. The nurse then changes to plan of care by trying different therapies or changing the frequency or approach of existing therapies
So the system of evaluation and revising therapy is ...
contiuing until the client's problems are resolved
There are the 5 elements of the evaluation process. Whats the first one?
Identifying Criteria and Standards

Nurse knows what to look for!
w/ clearly defined goals & expected outcomes, nurse has objective criteria from which to judge the client's response to care.
Whats the second element of the evaluation process?
Collecting Evaluative Measures

what is client's response to care?

has client's expectations been met?
the 3rd element of evaluation is:
interpreting & summarizing findings

expert nurses can read a clinical situation and provide an appropiate response
what is the 4th element of the nursing evaluation?
documenting findings & any clinical judgement

keeping records accurate and up to date in his charts are very important to evaluation
the 5th element of evaluation is?
terminating, continuing, or revising the care plan.

Did it work? Did client met his goals?

Were they only partially met and need to continue care or does it need to change?