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we finally find out who we are as we age. So what?
a pt from different generations might need diff. needs thus we need diff tools to address those needs
as a old person loses physical abilitites, things start to happen. Like the liver starts to shrink! What does that do in regards as medicines?
the liver can't metabolize meds as well, so you can poison an elder with meds
name some stressors for the aging with physical changes?
ilness, aches and pains
pain both acute and chronic
what are the psychological stressors for the old?
loss of a wife
loss of friends
loss of role in family/society
they have to relocate, bummer
fear of dependence
decreased coping
So we as nurses need to promote good health by:
avoid joint stress
good oral hygiene
avoid salt and stress
get regular check ups
hi calcium intakes
avoid loud noise