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Affirmative Action Part 1
Used to correct past descrimination by providing guaranteed equal employment.
Affirmative Action Part 2
Mid 1980's
Preference to minorities at expense of whites is permisable if history of discrimination against non-whites.
Grutter v. Bullinger
White student challenged admission policy in University of Michigan Law School after being denied because of her race.
Political Parties in Europe
Highly centralized, based on political and philisophical ideology.
U.S. Poilitical Party
people organized formally to recruit, nominate, and elect people to office, and to achieve shared political goals.
Defense of Marriage Act.
Barred recognition of same sex marriage. Exclusion to Full faith and Credit Clause due to the Federal Marriage Ammendment.
Barred recognition
Civil Unions
Passed in Vermont in 2000, gives same legal protection and rights as marriage
Bowers V Hardwick
Being vs Acting
13th Amendment
Abolished Slavery
14th Amendment
Defined Citizenship
Plessy v. Ferguson
Gave birth to the Seperate but Equal clause.
Brown V. Board of Education
Deemed Seperate but Equal unconstitutional regarding schools.
19th Amendment
Woman can Vote
Substantive Due Process
Citizens have the right to be protected from arbitrary or unjust laws, laws cannot be confusing.
Procedural Due Process
Requires Government to follow certain standards to protect the rights of the individual.