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When scoring the block design, no points are awarded if the construction is rotated _____ degrees or more.
During the information task, how many times may the items be repeated?
As often as necessary
When interpreting results from a WISC-IV, the clinician should
rely on multiple sources of information to interpret WISC scores
One of the most substantial revisions in the WISC-IV, which aids in yielding more detailed information about individual scores, is the
process approach
The primary level of interpretation of the WISC-IV is at the ____________ level.
index score
Which of the following, is true regarding the subtests of the Working Memory Index (WMI)?
The subtests of the WMI tap only verbal working memory.
Tier One and Tier Two stages of testing are designed to:
Determine at risk students, monitor response to intervention over the course of the school year, and explain why a child is not responding to general curriculum.
__________ identifies the best predictors of special skills and students who would benefit from special instruction, while _________ shows a students specific abilities, and __________________ monitors progress of early intervention and curriculum modification.
Branching Assessment, Profile Assessment, Instructional Assessment
One of the most substantial revisions in the WISC-IV, which aids in yielding more detailed information about individual scores, is the
process approach
Which is an acceptable subtest substitution for the PRI core
subtest Block Design?
Picture Completion
If the WISC-IV test is not fully completed in one testing
session, the second testing session should happen preferably within:
1 week
According to the process approach, _____________________ subtests offer children with __________ difficulties an opportunity to recognize a correct response.
Multiple Choice Verbal; language
What domain consists of all tasks with common bases for visual perception, organization, and visual discrimination?
The Suggested Basic Profile Analysis described in
the WISC- IV Technical and Interpretive Manual recommends that reports of
children’s intellectual ability begin__________.
by reporting the FSIQ first
Prifitera suggests that the GAI is an eight subtest composite that
excludes __________
Arithmetic and Coding
Which of the following subtest is part of the Perceptual Reasoning
Block Design
which variable has been shown to have
an effect on a child's Full Scale I.Q. from the WISC-IV?
the parents level of education
When revising the WISC-IV, what two scores were dropped, thus eliminating the IQ scoring system?
Which one of the following statements is true, according to Prifitera (2005), in regards to the Full Scale IQ (FSIQ)?
In the WISC-IV, the FSIQ can identify children who are mentally retarded or
intellectually gifted.
What are the three kinds of assessment that are relevant at tiers one and two?
Branching assessment, profile assessment, and instructional assessment
What do many researchers believe that the federal government and local educational districts should devote more effort doing among children early in their literacy journey?
Devote more effort to early intervention
How many breaks in the square configuration suggest impairment in visuospatial
ability according to Kramer, Kaplan, Share, and Huckeba (1999)?
For difficulties with the verbal subtests, what can the clinician administer
in order to understand more about the child's difficulties?
multiple choice
The Flynn effect (1984) is _________.
how the general IQ scores of a population continue to rise
What is one reason that children labeled gifted had lower FSIQ scores on the
WISC-IV compared to the WISC-III?
Arithmetic is a supplemental test on the WISC-IV as opposed to
a subtest on the WISC-III.
According to Wechsler (2003), what word should a test administrator avoid when administrating the WISC-IV in order to avoid anxiety?
According to Wechsler (2003), at what age does an administrator begin the Coding B Subtest of the WISC-IV?
Which of the following, according to Prifitera (2004), is true regarding the General Abilities Index (GAI)?
The Arithmetic and Coding subtests are excluded when
figuring the GAI composite score.
According the Prifitera (2004), the General Abilities Index (GAI) should be used for which of the following reasons?
A psychologist should only report the GAI when he/she
believes that it is the most accurate measure of the child's mental
Which one of the following statements is true regarding the Verbal Comprehension Index (VCI)?
The composition of this index now involves less crystallized knowledge and more of an emphasis on reasoning and comprehension than the WISC- III.
Which index was originally named the Freedom from Distractibility (FDI) in WISC-III?
Working Memory Index (WMI)
What historical time period created a need for inteligence measures?
What other related factors did Wechsler believe may influence performance on
intelligence testing?
The child's academic achievement
In the process approach, how many interconnected principles are
there for understanding what a cognitive assessment reveals about a
Visual perception, visual organization, and visual discrimination
skills are common bases for all tasks in this domain.
perceptual domain
Which is the first specific aim regarding assessment (tier one)?
Early identification for at-risk children
The tear two aim of assessment is close related to which type of the discussed
assessment methods?
Profile assessment
What has been a major problem with the United States federal
legislation mandating that children with learning disabilities receive
free, special education?
The government used a definition for learning disabilities based on
exclusionary criteria rather than on inclusionary criteria.
What has been a problem with current school assessment practices?
Insufficient attention is given to the etiology of reading problems.
The first phase in the test development of the WISC-IV was to________________.
identify revision goals and research questions
For each scale on the WISC-IV, the distribution of scaled scores was
normalized and given a mean of ______ and a standard deviation of _______.
100, 15
Wechsler splits his intelligence tests into _______________ and _______________ tasks.
verbal and performance
According to Barkley’s (2001) Disinhibition Model, poor behavioral inhibition
interrupts _____________ functions, leading to deficits in self-regulation.
In agreement with some researchers; hypotheses, the ________________ measure on
the WISC-IV was the lowest for ADHD groups, as it was on the WISC-III
Processing Speed
According to Wechsler (2003), the ______________ subtest was developed to measure selective visual attention and processing speed.
According to Wechsler (2003), there are four cognitive domains on the WISC-III: Verbal Comprehension, Perceptual Organization, Processing Speed, and ______________.
Freedom from Distractibility
Neuropsychological assessment of children is a complex process that uses ________________________ to make inferences about brain impairment and its impact for adaptive functioning in a developmental context.
historical information, behavioral observations, and standardized psychological tests
Which of the following scores of the WISC-IV, is most sensitive to traumatic brain injury (TBI)?
Processing Speed Index
which of the following is
a primary advantage of the informal method to behavior evaluation?
Which two measures from the Guide to the Assessment of Test
Session Behavior for the WISC-III and WAIT (GATSB), according to
Prifitera et al. (2005), were found to be significant predictors of
the Full Scale, Verbal, and Perceptual IQs?
Avoidance; Total Score
Which of the following statements is
true regarding children with Expressive language disabilities?
Children with Expressive language disabilities perform
well on the Picture Concept Subtest, however, they have trouble
expressing the reason for their choice
Children with Mixed Receptive-Expressive disabilities, will obtain scores that are significantly below
average on which of the following Indexes?
Processing Speed
The revision of the WISC-III updated several subtests to improve the measurement of which three cognitive functions?
Fluid reasoning, working memory, and processing speed
To increase the user-friendliness of the WISC-IV which of the following changes were made?
An additional manual was created, supplemental subtests were added, and additional sample responses were included
Information and Word Processing are supplemental test for:
Verbal Comprehension
Which Subsets of the WISC-III were removed to add the new subsets?
Picture Arrangement, Object Assembly, Mazes
10% of all people assessed with mental
retardation fall into which category?
moderate retardation
The WISC IV is both a reliable and valid
instrument in assessing mental retardation, but does not adequately assess
individuals with an FSIQ below_________.
There are six features an examiner can change in educational and psychological assessments to accommodate individuals with disabilities: ___________ and ____________ are two of the six options that are said to change the test content while the remaining four change test condition.
using proportions of a test and using substitute or alternate assessments
____________ subtest scores are strongly correlated with the degree of hearing loss, whereas ____________ subtest scores are not.
verbal and performance
The difference between scores required for significance is computed
from _____________.
Standard error of measurement of the difference
Errors in the difference between index scores will generally be
_____________ than the measurement errors in the differences between
subtest scaled scores because the index scores are generally more
_____________ than the subtests.
smaller; reliable
_________ is the score an individual would receive if the test
were perfectly reliable.
The true score
According to the Wisc-Iv Technical Manual, the standard error of
measurement is inversely related to the reliability of a subtest. If
the reliability of a test is great, then the standard error of
measurement is _____.
Changes from the WISC-III to the WISC-IV have potentially
significant implications for neuropsychological assessment. Which
two composite scores have changed to make these implications
Because of the ubiquity of _____________ among children with acute
brain insults, the PSI is likely to remain the composite measure
from the WISC-IV that is most sensitive to acute brain impairment.
processing speed deficits
What is the term for the overall probability
that the result of an assessment procedure accurately identifies individuals
as having a certain condition?
predictive accuracy
An index score equal to or above ____________
indicates giftedness
An alternate method for hurdling ability-achievement limitations is
given in the three-tier assessment model. What takes place in the
third tier of this model?
Diagnosis and treatment of the learning disability.
One of the differences between dyslexics and those with language
learning disabilities is __________.
the onset of a language learning disability is
usually earlier that that of dyslexia
What was the name of Wechsler’s original intelligence test?
Wechsler-Bellevue Intelligence Scale
Information and Word Processing are supplemental test for:
Verbal Comprehension