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decribe patient bill of rights
1973 by Americal Hospital Ass.
statement of patient expectations for which health care providers are accountable
what are some patient bill of rights?
considerate respectible care
to know the identity of care provider
be part of decisions regarding POC
Given advance directions
privacy / confidentiality
review the records
understand the care plan
nurse owes same to themselves as to others
list 6 ethical guidelines in cluded in the ANA code for nurses
respect for human dignity
nurse primary commitment is to the patient
nurse promotes, advocates, strives, to protect the health, safety, and rights of patients
nurse is responsible and accountablefor ind. nursing practices and determines the appropiate delegation of tasks
what is *********************
diagnosis & treatment

of human responses

to health & illness
what best describes meaning of ethics?
study of philosophical ideals of right - wrong behavior. in nursing, a code of ethics provides guidelines for safe, compassionate care.