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What dooes R A C E stand for?
RESCUE people in danger

ACTIVATE pull station, call 911

CLOSE all windows & doors

EXTINGUISH if possible/ exit
code yellow is ...
disaster drill page 611 and speak rm number 3 times
code pink is ...
pediatric distress (12 & younger) page 611 and say rm no. 3 times
code green is ...
violent/unruly patient 611. Then call 9-911 for the police
what is code red?
refer to disaster manual
code black is for ...
hostage situation page 611 and activate hostage plan
what is code A
infant abduction
don't let anyone leave the hospital during a code A
the clinical evaluation pink tool is a daily form. Has 7 parts. Grades are 1 2 3 4. 1 means not satisfactory and 4 exceeds expectations. what does the @ mean?
@ sign means items the student must identify in writing on evaluation tool. this tool is signed by clinical instructor , me and advisor.