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process of choosing individuals who have needed qualifications to fill jobs in an org.
fitting a person to the right job
matching the KSAs of people w/the characteristics of jobs
person-job fit
the congruence between individuals and organizational factors
person-organizational fit
characteristic that a person must have to do a job successfully
selection criterion
the correlation between a perdictor and job performance
the extent which it repeatedly produces the same results, over time
the process through which a job applicant receives an accurate picture of a job.
realistic job preview (RJP)
tests that measure an individual's thinking, memory, reasoning, and verbal and mathematical abilities
cognitive ability tests
tests that measure individual abilities such as strength, endurance, and muscular movement
physical ability tests
tests that measure dexterity, hand-eye coordination, arm-hand steadiness, and other factors.
psychomotor tests
tests that require an applicant to perform a simulated job task
work sample tests
Act that basically requires disclosing thta a credit check is being made
Fair Credit Reporting Act