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the series of work-related positions a person occupies throughout life
career planning that focuses on jobs and on identifying career paths that provide for the logical progression of people between jobs in an org.
organization-centered career planning
career planning that focuses on individuals' careers rather than on org. needs.
individual-centered career planning
Efforts to improve employees' ability to handle a variety of assignments
a collection of instruments and exercises designed to diagnose individuals' development needs.
assessment center
process of identifying a longer-term plan for the orderly replacement of key employees.
succession planning
type of training attempts to prepare supervisors to deal with "people problems" brought to them by the employees.
Human Relations Training
a development technique that requires participants to analyze a situation and decide the best course of action based on the data given
paid time off the job to develop and rejuvenate oneself
sabbatical leave
a relationship in which experienced managers aid individuals in the earlier stages of their careers.