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Northwestern Coastal Indians
!. Facial Hair
2. Wooden clothes
3. Fished for Salmon
Plateau Indians
1. Influenced by surrounding indians
2. Fished and picked berries.
3. Eventually moved to the plains.
Basin Area Indians
1. Hunted Bison and Wolley Mammoth.
2. Lived mostly in Utah Nevada
3. Were gatherers.
Plains Indians
1. Women owned everything.
2. Used travolis poles not the wheel.
3. Naivgated by the stars.
Northern Woodlands
1. Hunters due to the short growing season.
2. Known for the use of birch canoes.
3. Lived in wigwam, important in French and Indain War.
Mississippi Hopewell
1. Greast Astronomers.
2. Mound builders
3. Advanced in Medicine.
Southern Woodland
1. Elected own government/ women were Chiefs.
2. Lived in logcabind with adobe structuring.
3. Grew corn beans squash were farmers
Define Theory
Ageneral explanation backed up by factual evidence.
3 Theories of origin American indians
2.Land Bridge
Five Civilized tribes
Southwest Indians
1. Cliff dwellers.
2. Excellant pottery makers.
3. Advanced in irrigation.
California Indians
1. Noted for use of acorns
2. Best basket makers
3. Mainly gatherers for food.