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The number of people estimated to have ever been born?
100 billion
cause of the Earth's season?
the earth's axis of rotation is tilted in its orbital plane
elements such as carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, iron are?
forged in the stars
cystic fibrosis affects the func of the respiratory tract through the?
covering of the alveolar cells w/mucus
the alternation of DNA seq?
Meiosis is the process of prod?
sperm, eggs, gametes
DNA backbone is made of?
sugar and phosphate
watson and crick received a nobel prize when? what?

discovery of the struc of DNA
genetic code contains how many bases?
dom traits?
free ear lobe
widow's peak
brown eye color
tay-sachs, there is full enzyme prod, if genotype is?
in human population, 1 in__ carries at least one copy of the defective genes that are currently know to cause what?

genetic disorders
the portion of the human genome that encodes all the genes is what percent?
human body has on average 100 what cells?
100 trillion
prokaryotic cells include?
no organelle
formation of tissue/organ/body plans begin during?
gastrulation begins at___days after_____formation?
10-14 days

zygote formation
what is a female sex organ homologous to the penis?
penile erection is mediated through?
corpus cavenosum
the clitoris and the what are homologous organs?
humans/chimps sim?
frontal cortex
what does the flagellum provide for the sperm cells?
propelling forces for motillity
precursor for the male sexual reprod organs is the what duct?
Wolffian duct
clown fish have a sex determination sys of?
protandry sequential hermaphrodites
turner syndrome is the result of a chrom configuration of?
human ovum is?
largest cell in the human body
prduced in the ovary
visible to the naked eye
surrounded by a layer
-of follicle cells
ovum is protected by?
zona pellucida
corona radiata
male red-spiders use what to compete for mates?
mating gifts?