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List these in the proper orientation from the smallest to the largest:
à molecule, organelle, tissue, organ
A code of medical ethics was first developed by:
* Hippocrates
The first anatomically correct text was published by _______ in 1543:
* Vesalius
These philosophers convinced their governments to establish the 1st science academies:
* Bacon & Descartes
Important factors to be remembered in designing an experiment:
* All of the above
. If a hypothesis is consistent with what is already known and is capable of being tested and falsified with certain evidence, it is known as the ________ method of scientific study:
* Hypothetico-deductive method
The most closely related primate to humans is:
* Chimpanzee
Our species is:
* Homo sapiens
. The effector in a feedback loop is defined as:
* Structure that carries out commands
She has 2 Nobel prizes to her credit:
* Curie
* Anatomical or physiological features that have evolved in response to selection pressures
A double- blind study:
* prevents experimental bias
Vestigial organs are those evolutionary leftover organs that have no obvious function.
* True
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic required for something to be considered alive:
* All of the above are required to be alive
If body temperature rises above 108*F causing increased metabolism and further temperature increases, it is termed:
* Positive feedback
Which donates a proton in solution:
* Acid
All other steroids are synthesized from this steroid:
* Cholesterol
Weak enough that it cannot penetrate the skin:
* Alpha particle
If you want a stiff cell membrane, you _______ the amount of cholesterol in the membrane:
* Decrease
Which fat has double bonded carbons:
* Unsaturated
Only ___ elements play a physiological roll in our bodies:
* 24
Isotopes are atoms with a different number of electrons than “normal” atoms:
The source of alpha, beta, gamma particles is:
* Nuclear decay
Which of these cations will associate with 1 atom of anion:
* Sodium (Na+)
Which of these can serve as a shock absorber for organs:
* Triglycerides
Hydrophilic means:
* Water loving
Water is thermally stable due to:
* Hydrogen bonds
A buffer donates or accepts protons so as to resist changes in pH.
* True
Which of the following can only be digested by bacteria:
* Cellulose
You can significantly reduce your cholesterol level by simply limiting dietary cholesterol intake:
* False
Movement of substances into and out of the cell is regulated by:
* The cell membrane
Which of these descriptions is NOT a function of a membrane protein:
* All of these are membrane protein functions
Hydrostatic pressure does NOT play a role in:
* Diffusion
This transport mechanism requires NO energy, but is specific as to the solute that is transported:
* Facilitated diffusion
Free ribosomes:
* Make peptides for intracellular roles
Mitochondrial DNA is passed only from mother to offspring:
* True
Movement of water down its concentration gradient:
* Osmosis
. Blood plasma with an osmolarity of 300 mOsm/L would be:
* Isotonic
Facilitated transport is:
* Carrier mediated, passive transport of solute across the membrane down its concentration gradient
Final modification and packaging of proteins for export from the cell is performed in:
* Golgi complex
Which of these are purines:
* Adenine & guanine
The way in which proteins get from the rough ER to the golgi
* Transcription
RNA has this base which is not present in DNA:
* Uracil
Select the smallest molecule:
* tRNA
The process of copying DNA to RNA is called:
* Transcription
In the S phase of the cell cycle, this occurs:
* DNA replicates
The nuclear envelope reforms in:
* Telophase
Eye color would be a result of:
* Polygenic inheritance
DNA is held in its double helix shape due to:
* Hydrogen bonds
For a gene to be specific to a male or female, it must appear on:
* A sex chromosome