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Patient complaining of Acute pelvic pain, Vaginal bleeding, + HCG, Adnexal mass? Two possibilities?
1. Ectopic Pregnancy
2. Intraperitoneal fluid
What are the four different ways that a placenta is graded? Describe all?
1. Grade 0= Smooth chorionic plate, Normal texture.
2. Grade 1= Subtle indentations, homogeneous, shows some calcifications.
3. Grade 2= Mild to medium sized indentations in the chorionic, comma like densities, basal echoes.
4. Grade 3= Indentations in the chorionic plate that extend to the basal layer, may contain both highly echogenic and anechoic areas, irregular densities, lacunae.
In a pregnancy what structure is seen first?
The yolk sac
At which week do you first see a fetal heart beat? How big should the gestatianal sac be?
1. 6th week
2. 4mm
When there is a retention of a dead fetus, when the fetus dies but is retained within the uterus, what has occurred?
Missed abortion - usually before the 13th week
At what range of weeks does the fusion of the amnion and chorion occur?
12 to 16 weeks
What are the four placental positions related to placenta previa?
1. Low lying
2. Marginal
3. Partial
4. Complete or total
True or False? CRL is not considered an accurate measurement?
Which line is closest to the sac?
Decidua Capsularis
What is the most common cause of vaginal bleeding, unplanned abortion(miscarriage) of the fetus and gestational sac before 23 weeks gestation?
Spontaneous Abortion
What are the two layers of the double sac sign?
Decidua capsularis and Decidua parietalis(Vera)
What is the difference between a fetal heart rate and a maternal heart rate?
Fetal heart rate is twice as fast
What is the amniotic fluid produced by?
Fetal kidneys
In the fetal heart, what alows blood to flow from right to left atrium? What happens to this after some time?
Foramen Ovale, eventually it will close
Cross-sectional anatomy of the fetal head should be defined at the varying levels, starting at the level of what? And name the structures going inferiorly?
Lateral Ventricles. Thalamus, lateral ventricles, third ventricle, CSP, sylvian fissures, cerebral hemispheres, the vermis of the cerebellum, and the cisterna magna.
What are two common sites for an ectopic pregnancy?
Fallopian Tubes and abdomen
20 year old female, severe pelvic pain, no LMP's, right side pain, what is not one of them?
A. Ectopic pregnancy
B. Spontaneous Abortion
C. Hytitadid Form Mole
D. Fibroids
What hormone causes ovulation?
What are the three layers of the Meninges? Which one is more vascularized?
Dura Mater, Arachnoid Layer, Pia Mater. Pia Mater is the most vascular.
Which hormone is secreted by a growing follicle that helps the endometrial layer to regenerate?
The zygote or cell mass repeatedly divides and eventually forms a cluster of? Resembles a berry?
What connects the third and fourth ventricle?
Aquadect of sylvius
Where does the fetus implant?
Chorium frondosum
The cephalic index should be between what two measurements?
0.72 to 0.86
What is the most acurate measurement for dating GA?
Lateral ventricles are divided into five regions, what are they?
1. Frontal horns
2. Lateral bodies
3. Occippital horns
4. Temporal
5. Atria
Fetal heart activity should be detected by what week?
6 week
Hydatidiform mole causes everything except this?
A. Bleeding
B. Vomiting
C. Enlarged Uterine size for dates
D. HCG titer is very high
E. May develop a neoplasm
F. Benign tumor
What is the common site for spinal defects?
A mass may be seen at the cord insertion site which is phisiological omphaloceles and herniates at what weeks?
8 to 12 weeks
T or F Methotrexate can treat an ectopic pregnancy?
False- there is no treatment for it.
Mean sac diameter, if more than 17mm and no fetal pole is seen what is the diagnosis?
Blited Ovum
34 year old female, pregnant, increased blood pressure, bleeding, and vomiting. This is a sign for?
Hydatitid Form Mole
To rule out an ectopic pregnancy, in an US diagnosis which two things should not be there?
Gestational sac and adnexal mass
How often should the fetal bladder empty?
30 to 45 minutes
The LS ratio determines what?
Lung Maturaty
What function does amniotic fluid have?
Permits cemetric growth of embyo, prevents adhesions from forming, cushions the embryo or shock absorber, helps prevent infections; allows for normal development of resperitarory, GI, and bone system; and a source of nutrients for the developing embryo.
What structures develop from the neurotube?
The brain and spinal cord
What 4 structures will develop from the hind brain or rombencephalon?
1. Medulla
2. Adult pons
3. Develops the fourth ventricle
4. Cerebellum
The alimentary canal forms during the fourth week and divides into what three structures?
1. Fore gut
2. Mid gut
3. Hind gut
What is an early sign of pregnancy?
Yolk sac- seen by the fourth week
In ultrasound what is the bladder considered?
Acoustic Window
What two things combine at the gestational sac, it appears hyperechoic and thick due to developing placental tissue?
1. Decidua Basalis
2. Chorion Fondosum
What are the three layers of a pregnant womans gestational sac?
1. Decidua Basalis
2. Decidua Capsularis
3. Decidua Parietalis
Amniotic Band Syndrome
What syndrome has bands within the amniotic fluid adhere to the fetus and amputate portions of limbs?
Arnold-Chiari Malformation (Type II)
Low position of the cerebellum in the upper cervical spinal canal due to cord tethering. Associated with "lemon" skull shape, banana shaped cerebellum, and hydrocephalus?
Fluid Filled space at the back of the head that lies between the cerebellum and the skull?
Cisterna Magna
What sign has a change in the shape of the cerebellum (it becomes curved) that occurs in the presence of spina bifida?
Banana Sign
Which is not an indication of fetal hydrops?
1. Oligohydramnios
2. Polihydramnios
3. Fetal edema
4. Ascites
5. Pleural and pericardial effusion
Normal ventricle measurements should not be greater than?
Fetal structures from the hind gut includes all except for?
1. Distal colon
2. Rectum
3. Portions of the bladder
4. Small intestines
How many types of spontaneous abortions?
1. Threatend abortion
2. Incomplete abortion
3. Blited Ovum
4. Inevitable abortion
5. Septic abortion
6 All of the above
When does an ectopic pregnancy rupture, what week?
8 to 10 weeks
How do you check for an abdominal pregnancy?
Superior to the uterus, and lies close to the wall.
What does PARA stand for?
1. P = Positive pregnancies
2. A = Aborted pregnancies
3. R = Premature pregnancies
4. A = Total number of full term pregnancies
A small degree or dilatation of the central sinus echoes is permissable if a normal variant?
5 <-
Extra ovarian adnexal mass with thick echogenic border, this finding is suspecious for ectopic pregnancy, an example of?
Adnexal Ring
The BPD along with FOD is utilized to calculate what?
Cephalic Index
What is the most common fetal intracranial anomaly?