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function of the respiratory system?
supply oxy to tissues and remove co2. evaporate water from passages
what is classified as a respiratory stimulant
what structures are the parts of the resp. system?
nasal,larynx,pharynx,trachea, brochi,lungs, etc
the terminal portion of the resp. tree
derivateives of morphine and codeine are oftern added to cough syrups to?
depress cough reflex
the agent that may be used for long-term maintenance/prevention of asthmatic attack?
heart failure is?
one reason or another is not circulating blood at a satisfactory rate
symptoms of hear failure?
weight gain,swelling,N/V,cough,fatigue,weakness
what is the correct oral digitalizing dose of digoxin?
PO 8-15 mcg/kg/day
what may associated with an overdose of digitalis?
Unique-visual distubance
the heartbeat originates in the?
SA node
drugs used to treat atrial fibrillation are?
inotropic drugs
ace inhibitors are used to assist in the management of congestive heart failure is?
what drugs are calcium channel blockers?
antiplatelet therapy is used to
prevent the formation of thrombi and emboli that block blood vessels.
what drugs are used to treat angina pectoris?
nitrates, beta blocking drugs,calcium channel blockers
serum blood cholesterol should be below what number?
mechanism of action of calcium channel blockers is to?
blocking the entry of extracellular calcium ions into the myocardial and vascular smooth muscle cells.
examples of an antilipemic drug are?
the process of exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide?
pathological reaction by the body in response to an injry or abnormal stimulation by a physical, chemical, or biologic agent?
gas used as a respiratory stimulant in the treatment of asphyxia.
carbon dioxide
characterized by variable airflow obstruction and airway hyperresponsiveness?
tightening or narrowing of the lung bronchioles
agents that dilate or widen the bronchioles of the lung by relaxing the smooth muscle of the borchioles allowing better air exchange
heart is not circulating blood at a satisfactory rate
heart failure
drug that increases the contractility of the heart
condition in which the heart is unable to circulate blood satisfactorily
congestive heart failure
agents of choice to used for congestive failure in combination with other agents
ACE inhibitors
drug that promotes the formation and excretion of urine
constriction of the muscle fibers in the walls of the blood vessels, either by ddirects action on the vessels or by stimulation of the vasomoter center in the medulla
elevated systolic blood pressure above 140 or diastolic blood pressure above 90
hasten blood coagulation or clotting
increases the time it takes for blood to coagulate by interfering with thrombin production and subsequent formation of fibrin from fibrinogen
dissolves blood clots
thrombolytic therapy
treats and prevent the developement of atherosclerotic plaques
antiplatelet agents
reduces the ciscostiy by direct action on the mucus
increases the production of repiratory secretions and drcreases the viscosity of mucus
inflammation of stomach
inflammation of mouth
drugs used to increase the efficiency and improve the contraction of the heart muscle
what derivatives are Bronchodilators for prevention and control of asthma?
brochodilator work by ?
relaxing the smooth muscles of the bronchi
charcoal broiled foods ______ the therapeutic effect of bronchodilators?
_______ depress the cough center located in the medulla and are used to relieve a nonproductive cough.
what unique adverse reactions might be seen when a bronchodilator is administered?
3 types of antiasthma drugs
bronchodialators, cortico steriods, antiflammatory
adverse reactions are seen with antiasthma drugs
explain digitalization
process of admin digoxin-loading dose and reg. dose
what patient teaching do u need to perform with a patient taking digoxin?
pulse must be taken before meds. If less than 60 med. should not be taken.
unique- visual disturbance (give digibond)
what are the common Nitrates used in a clinical setting?
nitrostat, nitroglycerin
Explain HDL,LDL and list the types of antilipidemics
which antilipidemic medication causes flushing?
which antilipidemic medications may cause leg cramps
what types of enviromental control may be instituted for the allergic patient?
name 2 drugs used only for prevention of asthma
name 2 drugs that interact with theophylline
ephedrine, lithium
what is INR? how does it compare to the PTT?
International Normalize Ratio
PTT=1.4-1.6=INR 2.5- 3.5
Name 3 lifestyle changes that a hypertensive patient should make
what are the 3 advantages of low molecular weight heparin over standard heparin?
SQ vs. IV,longer half-life, admin less frequently, given on fixed schedule, low incidence of anti-platetlet,treat with DVT(deep vein thrombosis)
name 3 drugs that increase response to coumarin
what is difference in the mechanism of action of the ACE inhibitors and the calcium channel blockers?
ACE-recepter sites
what is the most significant side effect of the antilipemic drugs?
alteration of liver function
blood flow through the heart?