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Describe removing non dissolving sutures
get sterile gloves, swabs, sponges, etc. Q? how many sutures? get em all or some of them?
how do you work on the wound?
from one end to the other, in a line
get clean and sterile gloves, sterile suture kit, sterile swabs, clean sponges, sterile adhesive strips, etc
wash hands
set up sterile field, w/ sterile supplies on it
put on clean gloves
expose wound
remove dressing
remove gloves and dressing
clean wound inside out, away from center w/ antiseptic solution;
use clean swab as you move around and away
examine wound...anything weird, get MD
safety tips:
go from clean to dirty tech.
inner to outer
the exposed part of sutures are ...
dirty! SO, maintain sterile technique clip sutures close to skin to prevent exposed part getting dragged under wound!
again, use sterile techn. cut close to the skin. what else?
always b/f , during, and after this procedure, observed for drainage from suture line. apply sterile adhesive strips is necessary. look for excessive edema, etc
how do you remove a continous suture?
grasp knot of first one w/ sterile forceps. open scissors and slide one blade under suture opposite. slide scissors under suture opposite knot. clip the suture, pull it out and place on a sponge.
describe the phases of wound healing?
inflammatory phase blood vessels constrict, patlets gather, it stops bleeding. clots form. scabs form.
inflamm response: increase blood flow to area...
white blood cells arrive
neutriphils...ingest bacteria
monocytes...b/c macrophages
macrophages...clean cell of debris by phagocytes;aid in wound repair
proliferate phase
remodeling phase
epithelial cells move from wound margins to base of clot for ... how long?
48 hours
Proliferate stage

closures b/g 3 - 4 days. and continues for ...days
2 to 3 weeks
fibroblasts-function w/ help of vit. b and c. Oxygen and amino acids do what?
synthesize collagen