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Admissions/Discharge stuff here

Whos takes the origional responsibliity of admitting someone into a health care faciltiy?
Maureen emphasised several time its the RN that does the origional assessment. The LPN will take it from there.
what are some things that the RN has to get ready for the pt's stay at the hospital?
inventory of belongsings
health assessment
physical assessment
learn their allergies
their orientation
find out their lifestyle choices
religious preference
if they smoke
their orientation
acknowldege and advance directives
there are tasks for the incoming people like ...
lab work
paperwork ID bands
identification information
origional MD orders
when does the process for discharge start?
the day the client enters the hospital their discharge is being planned. This means ramps, community help, resources for the person all set up b/c stays are usually just 3 days
The way a person comes into a hospital depends how or the way they are going to get admitted.
If the came in thru the emergency room, there is ...
an admiting process different than when they walk in.
This means we wouldn't ask a pt trivial questions when they are in pain
Of the admission/discharge process, what is most important?
the discharge is the most important. Discharge is about teaching, teaching, teaching. A million things to teach the pt and family
how many groups are involved in discharging someone from the hospital?
many. Ex:
each skill sees the pt from a different perspective
what is the laundry list of stuff that has to get done on discharge?
referrals made
prescriptions and info collected
follow up care plans
pack up all items
physical transportation by wheelchair out
who does the discharge?
the RN does the discharge
a pt can't just walk out the hospital. MD has to right the order for that
Admission/Discharge Homework

why is it important to get a thorough pt history on admission?
history guides the nurse thru a complete assessment of previous assessments, diagnosis, problems
what should a nurse do for someone that is just getting admitted into the hospital?
find out their allergies
inventory of their stuff
do a health assessment
take their meds to the pharmacy
acknowledge any advanced directives
religous preference
did they smoke?
who is responsible for the orginonal assessment?
the RN is
what are some tasks that need to be don during admission process?
indentifying information
identifying band and paperwork
lab work, lab studies
the admission orders depend on the condition of the patient and how they arrived at the hospital, ex. emergency room or walked in. so what
so the hospital doesn't hassle people in a lot of pain with trivial questions like insurance questions
when does planning for a patient's discharge begin?
the day they arrive at the hospital, they are already being processed to leave
what would a student want to review about a patient before doing anything for them newly admitted to the hospital?
do they have orders allowing them to eat or drink fluids

it they get to ambulate at all

any stat orders pending

any lab work to be done b/f they eat
how does a pt leave the hospital?
in a wheelchair
how many groups of people are concerned with a patient leaving the hospital?
lots of people who see the pt in a different way
what are some nurse responsiblities concerning the discharge of a patient?
what are some discharge responsibilities of the hospital/community for the patient?
referrals are made, community support systems
prescriptions and info about meds
pack their stuff up
the transportatin of pt
discharge instructions are a big deal. who does this
the RN does the discharge instructions. The MD initiates these orders and are signed by him and patient both.
what would the nurse be writing about at the very last for the pt?
last BM
last labs
a great way to communicate.