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What is the Nephron
How many do we have?
why is it bad that we have so many?
Functional unit of the kidneys
1-4 million
because the kidneys can get pretty severe before you notice a change in function.
the counter current mechanism in the renal medulla
controls the concentration or dilution of the urine
S/SX Hyperkalemia 7
•Irregular heartbeat
•Tingling, numbness, or other unusual sensations
•Difficulty breathing
•Nausea and vomiting
name some functions of the renal system 4
hormone regulation
vitamin d regulation
excretes nitrogen waste
regulate blood volume by erythopoitin produced in the kidneys which triggers production of red blood cells
name some food that you would want to avoid while one Spirlactolone and why
beans spinach sanka peaches sunflower seeds sanka avacodoes bananas dried fruits melons
where do loop diruretics work?
loop of henley
what lab values are you concerned with if your pt is on loop diuretics
BUN creatinine potassium glucuse
are loop diuretics high or low output
which lab value is most important to watch while your pt is on loop diuretic? why?
Potassium because it can cause the fatal arrrythmias
where do thiazide diuretics work
distal convaluted tubule
what do you need to keep in mind regarding allergies and diuretics
Thiazide contraindicated in sulfonomide allergy
What kind of teaching do you need to give to a young girl put on a diuretic or anyone on a diuretic regarding fluids
that she still needs to be sure and drink water some may think they will lose weight if they don't causing severe dehydration, and can have severe edema
what nursing assessments do you need to make before giving a diuretic 9
K level
I & O
Skin turgor
edema in extremities
if patient is on a diuretic name a food that you would want them to avoid
processed meats
high sodium where salt is water will follow
ThiaziNe is a what class of drug
ThaziDe is a what class of drug
Thiazine = Nausea
Thiazide = Diuretic
Drug of choice for nausea for children
what are some things to watch for with thiazines
CNS depression
urinary retention
dry mouth
what part of brain makes you vomit
CTZ zone
what is the drug of choice for motion sickness
meclezine or antevert
what class is used more commonly used in chemo
serotonin ht3
what can you see sometimes when you give merinol? D/t
what is a side effect of phenergan that you want to stop it immediately
extra paramital symptoms
pill rolling toungue wallering shaking arms