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SGA is
Small for gestational age
LGA is
Large for gestational age
New born priorities
initiation of respiration
extra-uterine circulation
fluid and electorlyte balance
temperature regulation
waste elimination
prevention of infection
parent/infant relationship
SGA and preterm increases the risk for what?
infant mortality
RR for a newborn
30-60 rr per minute
First priority with a freshly birthed infant
HR less than 60 requires
Chest compression to establish circulation, may also require epi
How do you measure NG tube for placement?
measure from tip of nose, to ear lobe, then to mid point from the zyphoid process to the umbilicus
Some causes of SGA
malnutrition, drugs, alcohol, DX factors, placental factors
SGA babies have increased rate of poor prognosis like
increase in congenital malformations, intrauterine infections, continuted growth problems, increased learning difficulties like hyperactivity, ADD
What is very important for a baby's mother who was a drug addict?
RDS can occur because
of increased tension in lungs PDA
EDT is used for delivering surfactant because
it delivers it directly to the lungs
Hemolytic DX of the newborn
mom is - dad is + homozygous for the RH factor, infant inherited D antigen from the father
Vit K is delivered
1mg in the first hour of birth
TORCH Screen
A mom with positive Hep B, first nursing priority would be to
bath the baby as soon as delivery occurs
Baby with Hypoglycemia may be
jittery and need D-5 or D-10
Babies with FAS will have
Weak sucking reflex
The first thing observed on a baby with a meconium passed in utero is
respiratory assessment