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California applies for statehood
tayler wanted cali to com in free. southern politicians argue that if you give it up you are boxing in slavery
Compromise of 1850
clay. 1)California would come in free. 2)the rest of the terretores would be governed by popular sovernty. 3)DC- congress decides to stop slave trade but you can still have the slaves that you already have. 4)fugitive slave act 1st time... if you are in the north and you come across a runaway slave you must return ment. civil penalty if you dont
popular sovernty
people who live in states decide whether or not it will be slavery or not
Reality about slave act
Northern communites said you dont have to comply with the fugative slave act. (makes southerners unhappy
James Gadston
wanted to built a railroad between texas and LA
problem with the railroad
route goes through mexico.
congress pouts up 10,000,000 to buy tusan.
Steven douglas
wanted to connect midest with the west coast with a railroad
Kansas Nebraska/ bleeding kansas
missouri compromise thrown out the window. Trouble he didnt forsee. Kansas is next to missouri. abolitionist finiace people to live in kansas. south encouraged people to mave from missoour to kansas
they apply for state hood.
election for state legilive. proslavery group wins
the antislavery people were mad because the people were not really kansas people.
antislavery set up their own ca[itol in Topeka. They is the small scale version of the civil war.
Lecompton constituion
citizens of kansas: pro or against? if the votes are tallied and the atni sum the slave owners can keep slaves.
Joshn brown and sons
kill proslavery people (hacked them up into pieces). this was why bleeding kansas got its name
Constitution sent to bucanion (president)
1) takes constitution 2) douglas ran a ralley of no way.
Kansas revotes
clares summer
senetor. gave speeches about anti slavery. was not fan of popular sovernty. he said horrible things about southerners.
Preston Brooks (house of rep)
beat summer with can. Summer had to learn how to do everything (3 years). brooks resigns (people vote him in again). people sent letters to him saying good job
illuniates divison
senetors and government packed pistols with them
Supreme court (dread scott)
scott had sued for freedom after master died. Taney (chief justice) says that a black slave is not a citizen and you have to right to sue. say the who idea of pop sovernty is out. you can take property anywhere (its property)... this rippes the country apart
Senetary election... douglas vs lincoln (debates)
lincoln ask doublas... if your the spokes boy for pop sovernty then how are people supposed to be governed (about the supreme court decision). Douglas said to ignore suprme court. Douglas wins but it shows how divided the country was.
1860 presidential election
lincoln vs douglas/breckenridge (for democrates)
consitutional union party
(bell) dont do anything. (do anything to keep it together)
Southerners view of election
if you vote in lincoln then the south is out.
Lincoln wins
he never said he would abolish slavery and said to keep it from expanding. south carolina is the first to suceed.
Concerderacy president
jefferson davis
leaves fort mustry and goes to fort sumpter (south asked anderson to surrender but he doesnt give up.
Lincoln and fort sumpter
he doesnt know what to do about it. he sends ships with nothing but food. the ships are turned around.
surrender or the south will force them out. at 4 30 am the south opens fire on sumpter
fire on sumpter
lincoln uses this to blame the south forstarting the war and uses it to ralley support
conferderates win
anderson must leave "bloodless battle to the bloodiest war"
Lincoln's plan
swell the army
three part strategy
1)blockaid entire confederacy (was effective) 2)take richmond and hope to throw the confederacy out of war (took a long time because of lee) 3) get control of mississippi river (allows to separate the south and western theater... grate takes this sucessfully)
Famous officers for south
lee, scott (calvery), jeb stuart, jackson
famous for north
grant and sherman
Army of the potomac
protecting DC (par of union). troops goes across potomac river. and meet up with the confederates at bull run
bull run
it was called it because it was fought over a creek.... spectators came to watch. it looked like the union was going to win but jackson held a portion of the line (stonewall) when reienforcements come they push back the union and the confederates win
Lincoln makes a decision
puts george McCullan in.. he drill the tropps lots (no fighting for a year
Peninsula Campaign
plan to ultimately capture richmond
lee and jackson
split and jackson went north (decoe). they get the union to split
7 days battle
Richmond... lees army lost 20,000 troops. victory is for the south. (McCullen goes back to DC
2nd bull run
Patomac losses (not under McCullen)... Lincoln puts McCullen back
was winning in the west. (only hope for union)
bloody battle. Pretty much a draw but the union clams a slight victory.
get rid of grant!!!
because he threw people into fire but lincoln doesnt get rid of him because he is winning.
Rummor that grant drank
did it because 1)meloncoly about the # of people dying 2) seperation from family... (grant is later elected president)
1st victory for union
maryland- Antietam
Emancipation proclamation
declared after antitam. takes affect in january. said all slaves were free in states that are in rebellion. (only in the rebelloon. This did not include boarder states because he did not want to have them suceed)
union navel officer who sailed up mississippi river and took new orliens- helps control the mississippi river
the conferderates win (lee)(soon after he looses jackson)
grant heads there. Mississippi river and above would e controled by union. 1) abe to moneuver soldeirs freely and gain traide back
Lee gets cocky
makes a decision to invade the north (hope it will put pressure on lincoln to quit the war)
July 1-3. Lee tries to go north and group of confederates went looking to shoes in gettysburg (this tipped off union)
General at gettysburg for union
day 1
draw with edge to the confederates
day 2
college professer named camberline save the union by a monuever. (see notes)
Day 3
lee makes a bold move.
Pickettes charge
pickette takes soigers to march over field. (blood bath.. really bad decision on lees choice
lee retreats
he goes south and meade gets blamed for not pursueing lee. meade sayys to lay off his troops were tired.
Vickburg and Gettysburg
Vicksburg surrenders the day ater gettysburg on july 4th
Grantand Sherman
turn attentions to chattanooga (win)
Lincoln makes a decision
move grant to eat to take on lee
sherman in west
burlns atlanta (railhub) after surrounding it..he made it painful so people would never go to war again
march to the sea
sherman goes to savannah. (trash everything along the way) burns columia south carolina (first place of sucession)
Presidential election(union)
McCullen left army and ran for president
peace democrats (copperheads)
end the war now
andrew jackson
from tennasee run with lincoln. 1) war deomocrat 2) he grew up in the mountains where they were loyal to united states (sucession is wrong0
the election
Lincon was losing at the beginning but when sherman captures atlanta the support goes to lincoln. (union in control)
Grant vs lee
wilderness campaign.
buffer for confederates. grant surrounds it. confederates have to give it up
lee flees
sents letter to jeff davis to retreat. he hopes to meet up with a general to recover in mountains and be able to be an assurcnce in north carolina. (never gets there)
lee surrenders
to grant at appomattos court house
5 days after... good friday
lincoln in assassined at fords theater by booth. it was a conspircy to kill a bunch of people to shock the north. the consiritors got caught and were put to death (hanged) a few days later they shot booth. and layed lincoln to rest at springfield
next president
andrew jackson