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Factors that affect the cell cycle
drugs, medication, radiation, pH, temperature, and nutrition of cell
Mitosis: Major events that take place in G1
increase of cell growth as well as cellular enzymes required for DNA synthesis
Mitosis: Major events that take place in S
this is where the DNA and the centrioles replicate
Mitosis: Major events that take place in G2
increase in protein synthesis
Mitosis: Prophase
nuclear membrana breaks apart, chromosomes become visible, spindle fibers form and attach to centromere, centrioles move to opposite ends,
Mitosis: Metaphase
chromosomes line up in the middle
Mitosis: Anaphase
the centromere/kinetochore break apart and spindle fibers pull 'sister chromatids' to opposite sides of the cell.
Mitosis: Telophase
cleavage forms, and cytokenisis begins. nuclear membrane starts forming
Acronym for stages of Mitosis
I (g1,s,g2), P,M,A,T
When does genetic recombination occur in meiosis and how does it happen?
chromosomes of gametes carry new combinations of alleles that result from the exchange of chromosome segments in crossing over
Which cells undergo mitosis? how many cells are produced in the mitotic process?
dna / somatic cells - 2
Which cells undergo meiosis? How many cells are produced during the meiotic process?
sperm and egg - 4
Major differences between mitosis and meiosis
chromosomes line up in the middle, 4 stages, and into 2 cells, both genetically identical

Meiosis: 2 different chromosomes, sharing fragments, sperm and egg replication, 8 stages - and into 4 cells, genetically different
What information can be found in a karyotype?
sex, genetic disorders, genes and traits
What is the formula for photosynthesis?
6CO2 + 12H20 -> C6H12O6 + 6O2 + 6H20
What are the 4 events of photosynthesis?
Photochemical reactions, electron transport, chemiosmosis, carbon fixation
What are the raw materials needed for Photochemical reactions
light energy and pigments
What are the raw materials needed for electron transport
electrons, NADP and H20
What are the raw materials needed for chemiosmosis
H+ resevoir, ADP+ Pi
What are the raw materials needed for Carbon Fixation
What is the end product of photochemical reactions
What is the end product of electron transport
NADPH O2 and H+
What is the end product of chemiosmosis
What is the end product of carbon fixation
Sugars, ADP+P, NADP