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If you look at a book, rotating it serveral ways, you still percive it as rectangular. This is called the __________ constancy
Which Gesalt principle helps us see illusory figures
Which Gesalt principle is the reason uniformed band members that are randomly scattered on a football field are percived as a group instead of individuals
Which Gesalt principle refers to perceiving causality in things that are near each other in time and space
When a designer makes use of naturally understood perceptual signals, this is called
Human factor engineering
Reasearch into detph perception has shown that it conistenlty shows up at about what age
6 months
What is the binoculat cue for depth
Reitnal disparity
That is the term that refers to the way the eyes move together when viewing something closer to ones face
Mountain ranges in the western united states often appear to be much closer than they really are due to?
aerial perspective
_______ is also known as interposition
Apparent-distance explains the _______ illusion
ingrained patterns of organization and attention are called perceptual _____.
Refers to changes in perception that can be attributed to prior experience
in the inverted vision study
subjects were eventually able to perform most routine activities
the differnce between an illusion and an hallucination is that the latter is
a perceived event with no external reallty