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physiological and psychological response to a conditionthat thereatens or challenges a person and requires some form of adaptation or adjustment
flight or flight response
response to stress in which the parasympathetic nervous sstem trigger the realse of hormones that prepare the body dto fight or flee.
any stimulus or event capable of producing physical or emotional stress
little stressor, including the irrietating demands that can occur daily, that may cause more stress than major life changes do.
the positive experiences in life, which may neutralized the effects of many hassles.
approach-approach conflict
a conflict arising from having to choose between equally desirable alternatives
avoidance-avoidance conflict
a conflict arising from having to choos between undesirable alternatives
approach-avoidance conflict
a conflict arising when the same choice has bot desirable and undesirable features
posttraumatic stress disorder
a prolonged and severe stress reation to a castastrophic event or to severe, chronic stress
general adaptation syndrome
the predictable sequence of reaction that organism show in response to stressors
alarm stage
the first stage of the general adaptation syndrome, when there are intense physiological efforts to either resist or adapt to the stressor
exhaustion stage
the third stage of the genereal adaptation syndrome, which occurs ifthe organism fails in its efforts to resist the stressor
efforts through action and thought to deal with demads that are perceived as taxing or overwhelming.
problem focused copin
a direct response aimed at reducing, modifying, or eliminating a sourct of stress. dealing with problem
emotion focused coping
a response involving reappraisal of a stressor to reduce it emotional impact. deals with stress
proactive coping
active measures taken in advance of a potentially stressful situation in order to prevent its occurrence or to minimize its consequences.
the white blood cells including b cells a t cells that are the key components of the immune system
a field in which psychologists, biologists, aand medical researchers combine their expertise to study the effects of psychological factor onthe immune system
a combination of three psychological qualities commitment control and challenge shared by people who can handle high levels of stess and remain healthy.
social support
tangivle and or emotional support provided in time of need by family members, friends, and others, the felling of being loved valued and cared for by those toward whom we feell a similar obligation
infection that are spread primarily throughintimate sexual contact
a highly infectious bacterial std that is found in both sexes and can cause infertility in females
an infetionin the female pelvic organs, which can results from untreated chlamydia or gonorrhea and can cause pain, scarring of tissue and even infertility or an ectopic pregnacy
a bacterial std that in males causes a puslike discharge from the penis and painful urination.
a bacterial std that progresses throughthree predictable stages
genital warts
growths on the genital that are caused by the human papilomavirus
a virus that caused genital warts also believed to contribute to cervical cancer
genital herpes
an std that is caused byt he herpes simplex virus and results in painful blister on the genitals
a devastating incurable illiness that is caused by hiv and progressively weakens the body immune system leaving the person vulnerable to opportunistic infrections that usually cause death
the vireus that causes AID